How to Prevent Summer Lawn Pests

Keeping a lawn alive and healthy is hard enough. When you have a lawn pest problem, it can be even harder. Unfortunately, summertime in Utah is a haven for lawn
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How Do You Identify Wasp Nests?

Wasps are one of the most common summertime pests, especially here in the Northern Utah and Southern Idaho area. Normally a beneficial part of the environment, wasps can create a
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The Dangers of the Asian Giant Hornet

The Asian giant hornet, infamously known as the “murder hornet”, has certainly made the rounds in the media over the past couple of months. It’s easy to understand why this
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Fact vs. Fiction: Bed Bug Myths

If you have had a bed bug problem before, you know how difficult they are. In addition to spreading throughout your home, these bloodsucking pests are notoriously difficult to get
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Common Wasps in the Summertime

Summer is just around the corner in Northern Utah & Southern Idaho, and the weather is finally warming up! Unfortunately, wasps are fans of the summer just like you! Wasps
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Can Pests Trigger Springtime Allergies?

Few places are as beautiful as Northern Utah and Southern Idaho in the springtime. Unfortunately, springtime also means spring allergies! This time of year, many residents are suffering from runny
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Top Tips for Ant-Proofing Your Home

The weather is starting to warm up here in Northern Utah and Southern Idaho. With rising temperatures comes the return of ants in your home! Anyone who has had an
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Can a Mosquito Bite Transmit Coronavirus?

No, you are not going to get COVID-19 from a mosquito bite! There is a lot of information about this virus as the pandemic is underway, but we thankfully know
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