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Rodent Exterminators
Rat & Mice Exterminators

Rodent infestations are one of the most feared pest problems, and for good reason. Rats and mice can spread filth and diseases wherever they go, and can be destructive too. They can chew through wires, destroy insulation, and worse. Because rodents are more dangerous pests, it’s crucial to always work with professional rat and mice exterminators. At Specialized Pest Control & Lawn Care, our rodent exterminators will not only control any current infestations, but also prevent future rodent problems in your Salt Lake County area property.

When To Use a Rat & Mouse Exterminator

Rodent control begins with proper rodent exclusion. Rodents invade homes and can be difficult to control when inside. Droppings from mice and rats may carry diseases that become airborne and cause very unsanitary conditions. The best way to control rodents is to prevent them from entering the house in the first place. That’s why our rodent exterminators always start with inspecting the home for entry points used by rodents. From there we use rodent trapping and other methods to keep you rodent-free.

Our Mice Control Process

The mouse exterminators at Specialized focus on long-term mice control. Our rat exterminators will:

  1. Conduct a property inspection to identify the source of the infestation and the rodent species
  2. Place rodent control products and treatments
  3. Seal entry points to prevent future invaders
  4. Create a detailed mice control report describing the treatment
  5. Provide you with prevention tips from our mice exterminators to avoid future infestations
Rat and mouse extermination and control with Specialized Pest Control and Lawn Care in Idaho and Utah

Industry-Leading Rodent Exterminators

There’s a reason why we’re Salt Lake County’s most trusted rat and mouse exterminators: our methods work! Not only can we solve any current infestation you’re dealing with, our mice exterminators can help prevent future problems. Whether you have rats in your garage or mice in the attic, the team at Specialized can help. Year-round, rodent-free living is our guarantee.

Rodent Exterminators – Rat & Mice Exterminators in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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