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Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management in Northern Utah

Business owners in Northern Utah and Southern Idaho know that unsightly weeds and vegetation can ruin a commercial property's appearance, creating an unkempt and unprofessional appearance. Rentokil’s Vegetation Management Service (VMS) can provide targeted control and removal of unwanted vegetation and weeds around your business. We can address any sites on your property where unattractive vegetation has taken over.

Weeds and Vegetation Rentokil Can Remove

Vegetation is usually put into two categories:

  • Desirable – turf, shrubs, and ornamental trees
  • Undesirable – unwanted plant growth and weeds

Rentokil’s vegetation management specialists can take care of any undesirable vegetation, no matter where the growth is happening on your property. We train our technicians to handle unwanted growth in sensitive areas, such as under trees or near water, using localized treatments. We ensure that all of the materials we use are non-corrosive, non-flammable, and low in toxicity for a safe approach. 

We can treat these areas and more:

  • Building perimeters
  • Fence lines
  • Gravel parking lots and storage areas
  • Asphalt cracks and crevices
  • Fuel storage
  • Industrial park railroad spurs

Our Vegetation Management Service Programs

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Risks of Uncontrolled Vegetation

Unkempt vegetation around your commercial property creates an unattractive visual space, but it also comes with other risk factors that could potentially hamper your brand reputation:

  • Pest-friendly environments
    Insects, birds, and rodents all thrive in areas with unwieldy vegetation. Sheltered and shaded areas can create an ideal place for all kinds of pests to breed and spur an infestation—the last thing your business needs.
  • Dangerous safety hazards
    Overgrown and unkempt vegetation can potentially cause fires and create slip, trip, and fall hazards. Certain poisonous plants may also pose health risks for customers and employees that come into contact with them.
  • Obstruction of security equipment
    Overgrown vegetation can block or cover security fencing, cameras and access points, jeopardizing the safety of your premises.

How Vegetation Management Services Can Help You

  • Removes shelter and nesting spots for many kinds of pests
  • Eliminates fire and fall hazards, keeping employees and customers safe
  • Improves accessibility by opening access to emergency exits, fire hydrants, fuel storages areas, transformers, etc.
  • Eliminates harmful and invasive plants such as poison ivy, sumac and other irritant vegetation
  • Improves facility aesthetics and appearance to promote a positive brand image
  • Provides a cost savings alternative by reducing labor to grounds maintenance

Why Choose Rentokil?

Our state-certified Vegetation Management technicians take extra care to assess each individual facility’s unique needs, choosing the best possible methods and materials. We will work hard to serve you with season-long control of any unwanted vegetation, even in sensitive areas like ditch banks, schools, and parks.

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