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Wildlife Control
& Removal

Serving Northern Utah and Southern Idaho

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Wildlife invasions are something no property owner wants to deal with. Unfortunately, they’re very common here in the Salt Lake County area. Wild animals can be aggressive, which is why removing and controlling them should always be left to a professional wildlife removal expert. At Rentokil, our wildlife control team can keep you protected against nuisance wild animals all year long.

When is Wildlife Removal Necessary?

Without the help of a professional, wildlife removal is dangerous. Certain types of wild animals, including raccoons and rock chucks, can pose a threat. In some circumstances, wild animals can be more aggressive than you assume–this is especially true when they’re in a new environment or safeguarding their young. Because nuisance wildlife can be dangerous, a professional pest control company is always your best option.

Wildlife Control Methods

Our team is committed to providing safe, humane wildlife control services. Our wildlife removal experts will:

  1. Conduct a property inspection to identify the source of the infestation and the animal species
  2. Conduct wildlife removal methods or place traps
  3. Seal entry points to avoid future invaders
  4. Create a detailed wildlife removal report describing the treatment
  5. Provide you with wildlife control and prevention tips to avoid future infestations

Wildlife control and removal with Rentokil in Idaho and Utah

Humane Wildlife Services in Utah

Whether you spot a family of raccoons invading your shed or an opossum on your fence, it’s best to call a wildlife pest control expert such as Rentokil. We can take care of the problem quickly and safely. We are also committed to helping protect you from future wildlife invasions. Contact our team today to learn more!

Wildlife Control – Removal in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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