Chimney caps keep birds out in Northern Utah & Southern Idaho - Rentokil, formerly Specialized Pest Control & Lawn CareHaving a bunch of birds around your home might not seem like a problem, and it may even be invited, but birds can actually cause lots of problems for homeowners in Northern Utah & Southern Idaho. Besides the noise that they can come with, birds are capable of causing property damage in many forms, and they can even cause diseases with their droppings. If you have birds resting in or around your chimneys, it’s important to take action to remove them quickly. Read on to learn how Rentokil advises you to do so!

How Birds Cause Problems for Homeowners

Birds in the chimney or on the roof can create problems for homeowners in a few different ways. Here are some things to watch out for if you’re noticing more birds on your property than usual:

Chimney blockage: If birds create a nest that blocks off the top of your chimney, it could trap carbon monoxide fumes inside, creating a health risk for you and your family.
Gutter blockage: When birds nest in your gutters, they could divert water in improper ways that cause water damage to your home’s siding and foundation or waterlogging in your garden.
Dropping exposure: Bird droppings sometimes host a fungus that can cause histoplasmosis in humans when its spores are breathed in. This is a dangerous disease when left untreated.

How to Prevent Birds in Chimney Stacks

Birds that nest on your roof or next to your chimney might want to venture inside for shelter and warmth. As you can see, this has the ability to cause a whole host of problems for homeowners. However, you can avoid these for the most part by installing a chimney cap. Chimney caps allow you to keep fumes from your fireplace flowing safely outside while also preventing anything from coming in. Birds will be forced to find somewhere else to nest, which means your chimney won’t be at risk for droppings, nest debris, and birds flying down inside.

Bird Control in Northern Utah & Southern Idaho

If you have a chimney cap, but birds are still nesting inside your chimney, team up with your local pest control company for expert help. At Rentokil, we train our bird removal team to handle all of the local bird species in our region. Prioritizing humane methods of bird removal, we can take care of birds on your property safely and effectively. For a free quote or to learn about our bird control services, contact us!

Install Chimney Caps to Keep Birds Out in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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