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Specialized Commercial Pest Management

Your business has its own fingerprint and ways of operating- our gold standard commercial pest control solutions are custom designed to fit like a glove. Our Northern Utah and Southern Idaho pest management professionals provide solutions for business parks, flour mills, schools, churches, public areas, restaurants, stores, distribution warehouses and manufacturing facilities- if it’s commercial, we’ve got an unbeatable solution.

Designed to protect top to bottom.

Commercial properties need effective and reliable commercial pest control that will deliver cost effective pest solutions at the speed and flow of business. Specialized Pest Control and Lawn Care has the capacity and knowledge to treat small and large-scale commercial operations with minimal interruption and maximum customization.

Food plant pest control with Specialized Pest Control and Lawn Care in Idaho and Utah

Food Grade Facility Pest Control

Warehouses full of food grade products are prime targets for rodents, ants, cockroaches, stored product pests, and other common pests. Insect and rodent control are critical elements for businesses to consider when evaluating a proper food establishment pest program. Applying pest control in food-related industries is complicated to do on your own due to licensing, training, and other regulations. That’s why Specialized Pest Control and Lawn Care offers food grade facility pest management services. Our trained professionals provide pest control in food grade facilities that follows all necessary regulations. We use only the best pest control products and methods in order to protect you and your customers. Ask about our pest control compliance services and our pest control food safety audits for food industry properties. We provide excellent documentation and paperwork so you don’t have to worry about your next audit.

Restaurant Pest Control

Restaurants are also common targets for pests. A pest infestation can quickly drive away a restaurant’s customers and create un-sanitary conditions. Pests can also create adverse conditions that jeopardize a restaurant’s business license and standing with the health department. However, applying pest control in and around restaurants requires careful study of regulations and proper techniques. Our commercial pest control technicians are qualified to provide pest control solutions for all manner of pest problems. Our restaurant pest control services are designed to follow all rules and regulations while knocking out pest infestations and providing a barrier around the property. Don’t let pests drive away your business! Contact Specialized Pest Control and Lawn Care to receive the best commercial pest control in Northern Utah.

Commodity Fumigation

We also offer grain bin, storage facility, milling facility, and equipment fumigation services to control stored product pests that may pose problems in your facility.

Bird Control Services

We offer several different options for controlling birds in and around your property. Bird droppings can be a slipping hazard and major sanitation issue as their droppings can carry disease. Keeping birds from roosting and congregating in areas is what we do. There are many different humane options available to exclude them from problem areas. Let us help you in taking care of your bird control issues.

Specialized 4 Step Pro-Techt IPM Commercial Pest Management Services

Integrated pest management (IPM) is a pro-active approach to solving pest issues with exclusion practices, sanitation recommendations, extensive monitoring and observation, rodent trapping and baiting, and targeted applications when necessary. We will design and provide a program that gives you excellent results and peace of mind. Our goal is to prevent future problems for your customers and employees, to maintain a healthy, sanitary facility, and eliminate damaged or contaminated products.


    One of the best ways to eliminate pest issues is to exclude them from the facility.  When a facility is first inspected a thorough exclusion evaluation will be performed.  Utility line entrances, door sweeps, weather stripping, caulking, and sealing of entire structure will examined for possible entry points into the facility.  Exclusion recommendations will be made and can be repaired by our technicians or by your maintenance staff.  We will work together to secure the facility and eliminate entry points where pests may enter.


    The general rule of thumb is that the cleaner and more sanitary the facility, the less likely it is to have a pest problem.  Cleanliness also plays an important role in our inspection process because it is easier to see a problem if it is present.  If we see conditions in the facility which could attract pests, or conditions that may harbor or create an optimal environment for them to thrive, we will note these during each inspection and make any necessary recommendations to remedy or avoid any problems.


    We will also monitor all areas of the facility during our inspections.  This monitoring process may implement the use of insect light traps, glue boards, and pheromones to observe insect activity.  Any problem areas of the facility will be evaluated and recommendations to solve the problem will be made.  All reports and information will be recorded in a Record Log Book, along with a description of your services, and labels and MSDS’s for products used in the facility.  The use of a Pest Sighting Log book may also be implemented so your personnel can document any sightings, and we can investigate and solve any problems.


    Depending on your facility rodent control may include an inside and/or outside control program.  Multiple catch mouse traps will be placed at strategic points throughout the inside of the facility to catch any rodents that may enter the building or come in on product.  Each trap will have a barcode placed inside the lid allowing them to be scanned electronically.  This ensures that all traps are checked and that any catches or activity is recorded accurately and extensively.  These traps will also be cleaned on each service visit.  Inside rodent traps will be serviced at the appropriate intervals for your situation, and rodent catches will be documented in our handheld computers each time we check the facility.  The most effective control method is achieved by using a combination of interior traps and exterior rodent bait stations.  The exterior stations will be placed in strategic areas outside of the facility and loaded with bait to attract and eliminate rodents before they enter the structure.  The bait stations can also be placed along fence lines or property lines to reduce the number of rodents entering the landscape and lawn areas.  The stations are tamper resistant so non target animals and humans cannot open them or access bait unless they have the appropriate key.  Rodent bait stations will be inspected, serviced, and cleaned at appropriate intervals and activity for each station will be recorded and monitored.

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