What brown marmorated stink bugs look like in Southern Idaho & Northern Utah - RentokilIf you’ve been noticing a gradual increase in the amount of little, brown, shield-shaped bugs around your home in Northern Utah or Southern Idaho over the past few years, you are not alone. You might even recognize them to be stink bugs, but you might not know why this particular kind just can’t seem to stop multiplying. To learn more about these pests, read on for information compiled by the technicians at Rentokil!

What Is A Stink Bug?

There are plenty of stink bug species that are native to the United States, but over the last three decades, brown marmorated stink bugs have been spreading like wildfire across the country. They were brought here accidentally by Eastern Asian cargo ships in the 1990s. Since first documented in Pennsylvania, these pests have spread to cover much of North America and are now projected to inhabit the entire continent soon. Brown marmorated stink bugs have virtually no natural predators here, allowing them to spread without much struggle.

Brown marmorated stink bugs can be differentiated from other stink bugs by their black, white, and brown markings that make stripes and patterns on their backs and antennae. They have a unique shield-shaped body and usually don’t reach any longer than ⅝”.

Are Stink Bugs Dangerous?

Stink bugs aren’t dangerous to humans directly. They will only bite on severe occasions and these bites aren’t venomous or very painful. Their main defense mechanism is right in the name—when threatened, stink bugs secrete a foul odor from their scent glands. This can be triggered by trapping them, touching them, or getting too close for too long.

Brown marmorated stink bugs have been a menace to the U.S. agricultural industry, though. They extract nutrients from farmers’ crops en masse, ruining yields. If you are just a regular homeowner, they might be infesting your home for your garden, plants, or even produce.

Stink Bug Pest Control in Northern Utah & Southern Idaho

It’s a lot easier to keep stink bugs out in the first place than to control an entire infestation on your own. To prevent them, you can use screens on your vents, windows, and doors, seal any cracks in your plumbing fixtures, and fill any cracks in your foundation or roofing. If you have stink bugs in the house already, the best way to get rid of them is with a vacuum cleaner.

The problem with brown marmorated stink bugs is that they just keep coming. If you need extra help with stink bug pest control in Northern UT, reach out to your local exterminators. With Rentokil, you can feel secure leaving service to the experts who know exactly how to stop this novel pest. For a free quote, contact us today!

What Are Those Smelly, Shield-Shaped Insects? in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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