Many homeowners love curling next to a fire during the cold winter months. The fire provides a relaxing glow and warmth. For those who love spending the winter next to a fire, they will often store plenty of firewood. What many people don’t realize when storing firewood is that they are also sheltering a number of pests. There are many different types of pests that will gladly live in your firewood. This can prove a problem when dealing with pests and trying to prevent a major invasion. Specialized Pest Control & Lawn Care will share what pests you could be harboring in your firewood pile and what steps you should take to control and prevent pests from wandering inside your home.

Wood Eating Insects

Firewood often provides plenty of food for termites and carpenter ants. Utah is also home to two species of carpenter bees. Both carpenter ants and bees don’t actually eat wood but do tunnel through the wood, cutting galleries for their nests. Termites do feed on the wood, however, and Utah has subterranean termites which can stay active during the winter months as long as there is a food source. Carpenter bees are not harmful but more of a nuisance, while termites and carpenter ants can invade homes and cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

Cockroaches Hide in Firewood

It is not uncommon to find a cockroach hiding in your firewood. There are some species of cockroaches that will feed on decaying plant matter, while other species are drawn to firewood for protection. You can find either Wood cockroaches, Brown-Banded cockroaches, German, and American cockroaches at any time living in your firewood. This gives them a place to breed and thrive.

Spiders Shelter in Firewood Stacks

Spiders will also hide and live in firewood piles as it provides a plentiful food source and protection from predators. You can find web spiders or hunter spiders living in firewood piles. Luckily, most spiders prefer to stay outside. However, the winter cold can cause some to wander inside mostly in search of food.

Mice & Rat Rodents in Wood Pile

Mice and rats will nest in firewood. Like other pests, firewood piles can provide shelter and food. Rodents will eat other insects including crickets, cockroaches, and spiders. When mice or rat population begins to expand rodents will venture out and often invade homes, garages, and sheds nearby.

Pest Prevention & Control

Since firewood is meant for burning you never want to expose the wood to any pesticides or insecticides. Even over an extended period of time, the chemicals can prove hazardous if burned. This can make controlling pests difficult. When storing firewood there are a few rules to follow to help prevent pests. When stacking firewood you will want the wood at least 12 inches off of the ground and 18 inches is more optimal. Next, don’t stack your wood near the house. It may seem inconvenient to have to walk across the yard to get your firewood. However, keeping pests out of the wood is very difficult, and to deter pests from invading your home, keep the firewood pile away from the house. Additionally, only bring the wood you will burn inside. Never bring in extra firewood and leave it standing around. In so doing, you can bring pests right into your home. To help control rodents consider using traps to help capture them and have them removed before a major population explodes in your backyard. Firewood pest control can be tricky. For more advice and or assistance, contact a professional pest control service. For quality pest control and lawn care services, contact Specialized Pest Control & Lawn Care today.

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