Pests such as bugs, arachnids, and rodents commonly invade homes. With effective pest prevention, you can avoid the trouble repairing excessive damage they do. Additionally, preventing pests can spare you the grief of getting bitten and having allergies and asthma attacks triggered as well as the diseases, bacteria, and other unsanitary conditions they spread. Where some pests can be easily avoidable, others can be a challenge. Bearing this in mind, we at Rentokil would like to take a moment to elaborate on why you should have routine professional pest control services taking care of your property.

Why Professional Pest Control Should Be Done Often & Regularly

1) Pests put your health at risk. Common household pests including rodents, ants, ticks, and cockroaches to name a few, carry a number of dangerous diseases that can infect humans and pets. As mentioned, quite a few can induce allergy and asthma symptoms as well as spread disease. Professional pest management programs are truly the best solution to keep you and your family safe from these pests.
2) Pests damage and destroy property. There are many other pests that destroy valuables. Carpet beetles, carpenter ants, and silverfish are destructive pests that can be difficult to detect early on. Silverfish are tiny little bugs that live off of organic fibers. For example, they can easily destroy your photo album of irreplaceable photos, a limited-edition book, or vintage clothing passed down from your grandmother. Structure and possessions are susceptible to pest damage.
3) Perishables and food can be easily contaminated. Something both homeowners and business owners alike are striving for is keeping their food and other perishables protected from pests. Nothing short of a disaster are the cockroaches in a restaurant kitchen on inspection day. Making commercial and residential kitchens a nightmare are ants, rodents, and pantry pests that also contaminate food. Keeping food in air-tight sealable containers can help better protect them.
4) DIY pest control is ineffective. Often very rewarding are the many DIY projects that can keep you busy at work or at home. DIY pest control, however, is one that will fail before it begins. Only meant to be a mere temporary solution, over the counter pest control products available to the public are not a cure. Professional pest control, in the long run, saves you money and is more efficient at keeping the pests out and eliminating the current infestations. The heavily diluted products available to the untrained and unlicensed public are no match for professional treatment.
5) Peace of mind. Potentially hazardous to your health as well as being destructive and a nuisance, pests simply make life miserable. Seeing the scary spider hanging out in your favorite shoe, or a line of marching ants pilfering an unsealed bag of chips, or even cockroaches darting off under the fridge when the lights flicker, can leave you feeling anxious and uncomfortable. Having professional pest control maintenance can give you peace of mind that your home is pest-free.

Pest Management

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