By and large, spiders are one of the most feared pests out there. Something about the swift way in which they move, and their eight creepy little legs. They also like dark, dank places which doesn’t make anyone feel good. Any way you cut the cake, people are scared of spiders. We are approaching the fall which everyone may or may not see an increased amount of spider activity. Rentokil is here to talk about the increased spider activity you may start to see in your area as the weather gets cooler.

Spider Webs Everywhere Outside During the Fall

Have you noticed that there is an increased number of spiders in the fall months? You aren’t imagining things, they really are more active in the fall. The reason for this being that they are nearing the end of their lifespan. They are in search of a mate to lay eggs and find a place to hunker down for the winter. Gardeners start to notice they are around much more. However, these gardeners are often unphased by a spider’s presence because the gardener understands that spiders are actually beneficial in controlling other pests.

Common Spiders Found in the Fall

There are several commonly found spiders found in Utah during the fall months. Following are a few that you can count on seeing:
House Spider: If you notice a brown to black spider crawling around your bathtub when you go to fill it up. These are harmless and more a nuisance than anything else.
Garden Orb Spider: These spiders usually build their nests in the trees or bushes of your backyard. Garden spiders are usually quite large in the autumn because they are pregnant and getting ready to lay their eggs.
Jumping Spiders: These spiders spin their web for the sole purpose of hunting. They catch their prey in their webs.
Wolf Spider: This spider is crazy and furry looking. It is only natural to fear this spider even though they aren’t aggressive.

Why Spiders Are Good for Humans & the Environment

You may be asking how these pests can benefit us at all. They are so creepy and hide in the corners lurking in the night. However, these spiders actually work as natural pest control experts. They feed on anything that comes in contact with their web. This includes flies, bugs and other pests that make our lives miserable. Now, this doesn’t mean you should let spiders take over your home, but if you happen to see them in your garden or outside, just think about all the flies and other pests that they are eating for you.

Spider Control

If it seems like spiders are taking over your home this fall, you can call on the pest experts at Rentokil to take care of the problem for you. You don’t want to battle the many webs that spiders build throughout your home. We will work to keep your home spider-free. Call us today!

Why are there So Many Spiders & Spider Webs Outside My Lehi, UT House this Fall? in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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