When it comes to protecting your home from pests, the most successful method is when pest control specialists and homeowners come together to fight them. There is a role for the homeowners and then there is a role for the pest control specialist. Knowing each role is essential in keeping pests away from your home. Rentokil will share each role of the homeowner and pest control professional and how your home can be pest-free.

Homeowner’s & Tenant’s Role in Pest Prevention

The homeowner or tenant is where every successful pest control program begins. It is up to those living in the home to practice prevention. Prevention starts outside and works its way inside. The outside portion of the home, including the yards, should be kept up and cleaned, along with avoiding clutter around the home including firewood stacks. Pests are drawn to overgrown grass, shrubs and even clutter. It provides them protection and in some cases feeding grounds depending on the pest. Some pests are also drawn to the feeding ground feast provided by other invading pests. Keeping the yard maintained makes many pests disinterested and much less will invade. Still working on the outside as you keep the yard and surrounding areas of your home cleaned, you will also want to prevent pests from entering your home. Seal your home by working on the outside first. Some common weak points of a home are dryer, attic vents, and chimneys which can be secured with mesh wiring. The mesh will keep pests from crawling and gaining access to your residence. Another common area is windows and doorways. Often window screens or weather stripping around windows and doors wears down and creates gaps along the edges. Replace screens and weather stripping, especially if daylight shines through. Inside the home is another responsibility for homeowners. Keep the inside clean and as clutter-free as possible to prevent shelter or hiding places for pests. Additionally, keep food sealed in airtight containers and don’t leave food out, including snack bowls or even dirty dishes.

Role of Pest Management Professionals

The role of the pest control specialist is to remove existing pests and prevent future pests that may find a way inside your home. We will treat known pest problems you’re currently having to prevent infestations from escalating. It is important to share what pests you have seen and where they were spotted. The pest control specialist can then determine where to begin treatment and using what method. We will also inspect the home noting any weakness that pests can use to enter.

Year-Round Pest Control

Together you and your pest control company can work to keep pests away from your residence for a safer, healthier and cleaner home. If your home is under an invasion of pests and you need a partner to help you control them, contact Rentokil today!

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