The flower spider or Goldenrod Crab spider is one of the many species of crab spiders that are found all throughout America, including Utah. The goldenrod crab spider is also referred to as the flower spider because they are found on flowers, often one of similar color to act as camouflage. They use this camouflage to help them hide from larger predators and also to hunt for prey. This spider can sometimes be found indoors. However, it is often by accident as they are most often encountered in yards and flower gardens. Rentokil would like to share more about this unique spider and how you can prevent them from invading your home.

Yellow Flower Crab Spider Identification

The flower spider is a member of the crab spider family where they resemble a crab and often move side to side like one. Flower spiders are one of the smaller species of crab spider, the largest being ¼ of an inch not including their legs. The color of flower spiders varies from white with accent colors of yellows, reds, pinks, and browns. They can also be a solid green, brown, tan, yellow and white color. They are often drawn to flowers of similar coloring to help them blend in while they hunt for prey. The flower spider is a hunter species that hides and jumps out at their prey. With lightning speed, they can even catch bees and dragonflies out of the air. Like other hunter spider species, they have only six eyes that triangulate in front of the head instead of spreading out around.

Flower Spider Life Cycle

The flower spider has excellent vision. They are most active during spring and summer when all of the flowers and plants are awake and other insects are most active. Spiderlings hatch from their eggs once the winter temperatures begin to warm up. After hatching, the young spiderlings will hunt and eat. By midsummer, they are fully mature and begin mating and laying eggs. Once the temperatures drop for winter their metabolism slows down and eventually, they will die. The eggs are safely encased which helps them survive the winter. Come spring, the cycle repeats for the new generation.

Where Do Goldenrod Crab Spiders Live?

Flower spiders prefer to stay outside. However, they are occasionally found inside homes. Flower spiders are often brought into homes, either when a homeowner brings in a new indoor flowering plant or a pet or person rubs against a flower and they attach themselves onto them becoming a passenger. As long as they remain outside they are regarded as a beneficial spider preying on other harmful insects or vegetation damaging pests. When they are found inside a person’s home, often they assume they are harmful due to their bright colors.

Flower Spider Prevention

The flower spider’s bite does hurt, however they are not poisonous to humans. To help keep flower spiders out of your home, inspect indoor plants before bringing them inside, especially if you like to bring in your homegrown boutiques. Maintaining a clean yard often discourages flower spiders as they don’t like their hunting area disturbed.

Spider Control

If you need help controlling spiders and other summertime pests then contact Rentokil. We can handle all of your pest control needs.

Where Do Yellow Flower Goldenrod Crab Spiders Live & How to Keep Them Out in Richmond, UT in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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