There are millions of species of pests that exist and within those species, many can be found on a regular basis in and around your home. The number of pests that are able to be seen out and about is only a fraction of the pests that are actually there. There are many pests that are out in the open and will buzz by when you are just sitting there such as bees and wasps. There are other pests that will get in your home and have no problem coming up and landing on you like house flies. Although these are all common occurrences, the pests that hide in the day and only come out at night might surprise you. They are the ones that might be a bigger problem because they can potentially go undetected for some time.

Rentokil Lists Common Bugs & Pests that Come Out At Night

I Saw One Cockroach at Night; Should I Be Worried?: Do you ever wonder why when it is prime cockroach season you don’t actually see roaches running around like you do ants or bees? That is because cockroaches are nocturnal and prefer the safety of a place that is dark, cool and moist. They are able to find these places during the daylight hours under rocks, in the grass, behind appliances, and in other hidden areas. These are all places that you are not able to see just by walking by. They will stay hidden all day long and when the lights go out at night they come out to feed. Most people happen upon these nasty critters when they forget something in the kitchen at night and flip on the light to see them scurry away. If you are seeing even just one roach at night, there are likely many more living in your home and the infestation will continue to get worse. You want to do what you can do eliminate them and the best way to do that is to hire a professional pest control service.
Cottonwood Borers Damage Trees at Night: The night shift is also taken by a pest that causes trouble in your yard. This is one that you don’t have to squint to see since the adults can reach up to an inch and a half in length. They are a problem for cottonwood trees as well as other tree species. They wreak havoc on trees through the summer and into the fall season. The larvae will come out and start to chew through or tunnel through the trunk of the tree which is very damaging. You want to be sure that these nocturnal tree eating pests are dealt with right away.
Mice & Rats Come Out at Night: When you realize you have a problem with mice it is because you most likely have found their droppings or their food source. When you pull out a box of cereal and see the bottom corner chewed through, the most likely culprit is a rodent. They are busy at work at night and you can usually hear them moving around inside the walls and attic.

Professional Pest Management

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What Types of Bugs & Other Pests Come Out to Bother You at Night in Brigham City, UT in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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