There are 12 species of wood cockroaches found in America. One is the western wood cockroach and can be found throughout the state of Utah. Each species will vary in size and color. The largest known wood cockroach is 1 3/4 inches in length. There is a lot to know about wood cockroaches. Today, Rentokil will share more about these insects and how you can help keep them out of your home.

Where Do Wood Cockroaches Live?

Wood cockroaches prefer to spend their lives outdoors. They will infest rotting or decaying wood and you will find them underneath the bark of dead or dying trees. They like damp and dark areas and often will live their entire life in the same home. If there is a drought or they are unable to seek out food, they will emerge from their homes in search of a more favorable place.

What Attracts Wood Roaches Inside My House?

When wood cockroaches invade a home, it is usually the male wood cockroach. The males, for some reason, are drawn to light. Therefore, in the darkness of night, those who live outside will travel from out of the woodpile and head for the light. Females will avoid light and stay in places with high vegetation. However, females will venture inside from time to time. Another way wood cockroaches get inside a home is that they are often brought in. People that store firewood in their back yard are supplying wood cockroaches with a home. Sometimes when firewood is brought inside the house there is a wood cockroach hiding inside it. The wood cockroach likes to feed on decaying leaves and can be found inside gutter systems or in the mulch.

Wood Cockroaches Are Active During the Day

Most cockroach species hide during the day and only come out at night to forage, which make cockroach sightings somewhat rare during the day. However, not wood cockroaches. They are known as the brave cockroach because they will roam during the day and are not frightened when people are nearby. Luckily, wood cockroaches are a temporary guest. They will leave since they cannot find food typically inside a home. For those with indoor plants, wood cockroaches may invade your home plants in hopes of finding food.

Wood Cockroach Prevention

To prevent wood cockroaches, follow these set of recommended rules or tips to keep cockroaches from invading your home.
– Never bring in extra wood logs or firewood into the house unless it is going right into the fireplace. Additionally don’t pile a few next to the door either. Only grab what you will use, and store the firewood far way form the home as possible.
– Have a lawn to act as a barrier. Wood cockroaches can’t maneuver over lawns. They don’t fly either, which helps keep wood cockroaches away.
– Keep the outside and inside of the home clean and clutter-free. Avoid having food left out and ensure garage areas are properly sealed especially when the trash is brought outside.
– Prevent excessive water leakage or moisture from occurring such as repairing leaking sprinklers, spouts and other outdoor plumbing.
– Seal all cracks around doors, windows and cover chimneys, attic and dryer vents with wire meshing.
– Lastly, keep the lights turned off outside at night. This will help keep wood cockroaches, especially the males, away from your home.

Cockroach Control

If you need help keeping cockroaches and other pests away from your home, contact the professionals. Rentokil can help care for your home lawn and keep pests out. Contact Rentokil today.

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