Utah is home to many spiders including three that are considered to be some of the most dangerous in America. These spiders, if bitten, can cause serious consequences; including death for some. Spider bites often need medical treatment especially for the young or those with weaker immune systems. Today, Rentokil will share which spider species you should be on the lookout for and want to avoid.

Black Widow Spider

One of the most classic spiders that all people know of is the black widow spider. In the spider world, the females are known to be the most toxic and this is true with the black widow spider. It’s the female black widow spider you want to keep an eye out for. Female black widow spiders are solid black with a red hourglass marking on her belly. She also has a large round abdomen where males have a much smaller abdomen and are often companied by red spot going down the middle of his abdomen. Both males and females have a shiny or glossy look to them. The males are also much smaller in size than are females. Females can reach up to an inch in size where most males only get about half that size. Luckily, black widow spiders aren’t aggressive. They hide in dark holes during the day and come out at night to feed. Black widow spiders only bite when they feel threatened, so don’t go reaching in dark holes.

Hobo Spider

The hobo spider is common in the Northwest Pacific. However, hobo spiders have been documented in Utah since 1990. The hobo spider bite often gets confused with a brown recluse spider. However, it is the desert recluse spider that is native to Utah and not the brown recluse spider. The symptoms are similar to a brown recluse. Nevertheless, where they are not native, it’s most likely a hobo spider. Hobo spiders are easily identified by their funnel-like webs where they hide deep inside. The hobo spider isn’t the greatest climber. However, they do run very fast. The hobo spider is considered a dangerous spider since their bites can prove harmful at times. However, females are more potent than the male. Additionally, it will depend on how much venom they have inside them. In many cases, hobo spiders won’t inject a lot of venom, only just enough to ward off intruders. However, it is always wise to seek medical aid if bitten.

Desert Recluse Spider

One of the most dangerous spider species found in the mid-west is the Recluse spider family and Utah is home to the desert recluse. The desert recluse is tan with a large circular thorax and an oval-shaped abdomen. The desert recluse spiders are long and expand out from the spider’s body, unlike the black widow where they tend to keep their legs closer to their bodies when moving. The recluse spider family doesn’t create webs. They hide under items that provide them cover and they have a nasty habit of hiding in boxes and clothing. Recluse spiders are hunters and come out at night to feed.

Spider Control

If you get bitten by one of these spiders, it is wise to seek medical aid. However, fortunately, in many cases, people can survive a bite from these spiders. If you get bitten, put ice on the bite and elevate the affected area while you seek medical care. Rentokil is dedicated to keeping your home safe from these harmful spiders. If you need help keeping spiders and other pests out of your home, contact Rentokil today.

Most Venomous Spiders in Brigham City, UT; Black Widow, Hobo & Desert Recluse Spider in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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