Known as a picnic ant, the Velvety Tree Ant is an extremely aggressive territorial species of ant. Velvety tree ants are most common in the state of California. This ant loves human food and especially sweets. They mostly feed on the honeydew excreted from aphids. They also have no problem sharing food with you. The velvety tree ant is black and red and if crushed, giving off a nasty odor. They are quick to bite if they come in contact with any kind of threat, which can be rather painful. They will also invade homes and human structures. Rentokil will share a few control options to help you combat these mean little ants.

Velvety Tree Ant Homeowner Prevention

Your role as the homeowner is to first keep all food sealed in airtight containers and the home free of crumbs or discarded food. You can inspect the outside of your home and search for holes or cracks that the ants are using to get inside your home. Additionally, make sure there are no leaking pipes or plumbing around or inside your home. That too can draw ants because all living things need water. If the ants are coming from a tree near your home, trim the tree’s branches especially if they come in contact with your home. Velvety tree ants like to travel through fallen leaves, grass, and mulch. It is better to keep the edges of your home free of lawn debris to prevent the ants from wanting to venture too close to your home.

Velvety Tree Ant Control

One of the most effective ways to combat velvety tree ants is to use a professional pest control company that will help you deal with a velvety tree ant problem. A professional pest control company is key when it comes to controlling outdoor ant species and particular species of ant must be treated differently to effectively eliminate them. Velvety tree ant colonies are particularly difficult to control because unlike many other ant species, their nests are located far above the ground. Rentokil can set up a barrier to keep ants out as well as also treat velvety tree ants at the source. Velvety tree ants can be a hard pest to keep out of your home and yard. If you need a pest control company that can service your home as well as your yard, contact Rentokil. We can help you combat your ant problems today.

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