For most home and business owners, pest control is a common practice undertaken. We have routine schedules for pest control and management services that come out and spray to prevent pest infestations. Some may even choose to do their own pest control. However, the outside world is wild and full of dangerous pests. Above all, Rentokil is not here today to talk about controlling pests and preventing them. Right now we want to make people more aware of the dangerous and venomous spiders that might be roaming your yards and hiding in your homes.

Black Widow Spiders

At the top of our list is the Black Widow Spider. Black widows are found all over North America and more heavily in the southwestern United States. Mature females are solid black with a glossy shine. They have a distinctive red hourglass marking on the underside of their abdomen. Males can be tricky because they are smaller than the female and not so dark in color. Males will sometimes have a red hourglass and sometimes not, making the two harder to discern. The female bite is the one that is venomous. The bite from a male will just sting a bit. Black widows are not an aggressive species of spider. They only bite when they feel threatened. They usually hide in dark places during the day and come out at night to eat. The black widow spider’s bite is ranked one of the most venomous spiders, with venom 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake. However, their bite rarely results in death.

Hobo Spider Identification

Next on Utah’s spider watch list is the Hobo Spider. The hobo spider is common in the Pacific Northwest but has been known to live in Utah since the 1990s. The hobo spider is difficult to identify because they vary in appearance. There are some common traits they do carry though. They are typically light brown in color with a lighter stripe running down the middle of the sternum. Sometimes they have a V shape pattern down the middle, pointing towards the head. The female hobo spider has been known to be aggressive, especially when protecting her egg clutch. Hobo spiders are not good climbers and will spin a funnel shape web in a hole in the ground.

Venomous Spider Bites

Rentokil wants to help make you aware of these venomous spiders. If a bite occurs, you will need to call poison control and or get to the emergency room immediately. If possible bring the spider with you if you can’t identify your attacker. This will aid health care personnel in giving you the proper anti-venom antidote and proper care. Call us to control venomous spiders and other pests from your home or business today!

Utah’s Most Venomous Spider Bites List; Get Rid of Black Widow & Hobo Spiders in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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