Rodents and other pests such as wildlife, insects, and arachnids have all been found in homes. With professional pest control companies rescuing homeowners from these squatters; it’s preferable to keep them out in the first place. More often than not, pests intrude on homes in search of a convenient food and water source, or to escape extreme weather conditions, such as an intense cold. During the fall and early winter, many pests are looking for a place to lay their final eggs of the season, hunker down while they become dormant, or survive in favorable conditions while remaining active all winter long. In any case, plenty of pests in the vicinity of your home might be looking to move in. The good news is there are many steps you can do to prevent fall and winter pest infestations. Rentokil would like to share helpful tips concerning pest prevention focused on the exterior of your home.

Fall Pest Prevention Tips

1) Structure Inspection: From the roof down to the foundation and the sides, perform an assessment of the condition of your home; especially note the following checklist below.
– Barriers. Properly installed barriers on all attic vents and utility access.
– Caulk and Weather Stripping. If you can see light shining through or feel a draft around the frames of the windows and doors, install weather stripping or fresh caulk to seal it up.
– Foundation. Appropriately seal any cracks, holes, gaps, and other such damage that exists in the foundation.
– Roof. Wood rot and decay are common among the eaves, fascia boards, and flashing. If you find any signs of damage, get it replaced.
– Screens. Clean and inspect the condition of the screens that are installed on windows and doors. If any damage is found, replace or repair especially if you are prone to opening the house up when the weather is nice.
2) Unclog Gutters & Downspouts: Gutters and downspouts are designed to alleviate the burden of heavy rain or snowfall. When they are clogged or accumulate a lot of dirt, leaves, sticks, and other debris, not only will the water not have anywhere to go, but the pests will see it an opportunity to nest. And being so close to your home might give them access to your home if you failed to seal an opening small enough from them to squeeze through. Keep gutters clean and ensure downspouts are positioned to direct the water flow away from the structure.
3) Best Exterior Light Bulbs. To avoid insects attracted to your light sources, replace the traditional exterior light bulbs with yellow sodium light bulbs that are engineered to not be an attraction to insects.
4) Manicure Landscape: When it comes time for final fall pruning and trimming, be sure any trees and bushes are clear from making contact with the home. Be sure to regularly maintain the fallen leaves and ensure the yard waste is immediately disposed of. If you lay down mulch, distribute it approximately 12” away from the house.
5) Clutter Removal: Make certain all of the landscaping and gardening equipment are properly stored in the garage or shed. Any trash and other debris should be tossed accordingly to avoid clutter. If there are piles of building materials that consist of unused bricks, stones, blocks or wood, including firewood, that you want to hang on to, they should be relocated as far from the house as possible and neatly organized on pallets if feasible.
6) Seal Trash Cans: Pests are often attracted to trash cans in search of food and if they are too close to the home they may catch a whiff of something more liking to their needs or discover the warmth and move in. To minimize these events, try keeping your outdoor waste receptacles as far from the house as you can manage and ensure the lids are consistently fastened closed.

Professional Pest Management

In addition to the above mention steps, call Rentokil and let our team of experts customize a pest control program to prevent pests from coming into your home this fall.

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