In the summer, the goal isn’t just to have a beautiful yard; it’s to have low maintenance, beautiful yard. With our busy lives, there just isn’t time to dedicate to a long list of yard maintenance to create a beautiful outdoor space as we all want. We want a yard that is beautiful with as little maintenance as possible. Luckily, there are some things you can do that will help you keep your yard low maintenance as well as beautiful all summer long. Rentokil is here to share some yard and lawn care tips to assist you.

Importance of Pre-emergent & Crabgrass Control

While spring has already passed, you need to stow this bit of information back for the next year. Battling crabgrass all summer long is no fun. By applying a pre-emergent herbicide to your lawn, you will find that the need for battling this problem is all but gone all summer long. It keeps the seeds from last season from germinating and that is a game-changer.

Mulching Around Young Trees

If your trees are young and you want to give them the protection they need against mowers and trimmers, a 4-inch ring of mulch is the way to do it. This will protect your trees and will take away the hassle of needing to trim around them.

What Lawn Mower Heights Should I Set to Cut My Grass

Every variety of grass is different. You need to do your homework and find out the right height to cut your grass. Cold climate grasses tend to thrive when cutting at 2-2 ½ inches; while warm-climate grasses do better when cut shorter at 1 ½-2 inch.

Construct Garden Paths You Can Mow Over

If you are thinking about a path in your yard to add beauty and a clear way for people to get from one area to another, consider a path that will conform to the landscape. This way, you can mow over it and don’t have to worry about trimming it either.

Mowing Edge Border Ideas

When you have flower beds that are right next to your grass, you will be battling that grass in your flowers. Creating some sort of mowing border out of paving stones or brick will be a surface your mower can go right over and keep the grass out of your beds as well.

Mulch Flower Planting Beds

Speaking of flower beds, adding mulch to them will cut down maintenance for you as well. This will help reduce the amount of weeding that you will have to do and will also keep them moist to cut down on watering.

Lawn & Yard Care

If keeping your yard up is nothing but a burden, the experts at Rentokil can help. With our experience and training, we can help you implement many of these time-saving techniques into your yard so you can enjoy them without all the work. Call us today!

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