It’s unfortunate that even during the coldest months of the year, we have to worry about pest infestations. It’s true though, even though it is winter, you can’t let your guard down. There are several pests that continue to be active even during the freezing winter months. This is especially true if they make their way into your home somehow. Rentokil is here to share signs that you could be dealing with a winter pest problem.

Where Do Spiders Go in the Winter?

Spiders are one of the most common pests that we see during the winter. They usually make their way into homes by the hoards as soon as the first sign of winter is present. The biggest reason for this isn’t the fact that it’s cold outside. Spiders prey on other insects who are likely trying to get into your home during the winter. They will follow those insects and end up in your home. Once they have made their way inside, they aren’t likely to try and get back out with your home being so warm. While spiders eating those insects that are in your home, you don’t want them to set up shop and will likely want to get rid of any spider problems.

Do Rats & Mice Like Cold Weather?

Another common contender in the winter pest lineup would be rats as well as mice. These sneaky rodents are often a problem for homeowners during the winter. Rats can fit through a hole as small as a quarter to gain entry into your home while mice only need a hole the size of a dime. Ensuring all holes are sealed is the first defense against these rodents. Other forms of wildlife are also common problems including raccoons and squirrels.

Signs of Winter Pest Infestations

There are many signs that are often present when you have any sort of a pest problem in your home. Here are some of the most common signs that indicate you need to contact a pest control company for help in removing pests from your home.
Pest Droppings– When you have a rodent or wildlife problem in your home, you will likely see droppings left behind. You will see these droppings near food and water sources.
Webs & Molts– Many insects will leave behind molts as they mature into adulthood. Spiders are an obvious problem when you see webs in your corners and other dark places.
Bite & Gnaw Marks– Rodents inherently chew on things. If you see bite marks anywhere in your home, you have a problem.
Scratching Noises in Attic & Walls– Squirrels are commonly a problem in your attic and other rodents build nests in the walls. You will be able to hear them working away.

Year-Round Pest Management

If you have any of these signs present in your home, don’t hesitate to call Rentokil for help. We can quickly and completely get rid of any pests you may be dealing with. Call us today!

Signs of Overwintering Bugs, Spiders & Other Pests in Your Smithfield, UT Home this Winter in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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