The time of year that you want to start taking care of your lawn is at the end of the winter before the spring weather starts. The spring weather is great for lawns, shrubs and other bushes because the temperature is what allows the plants to come out of hibernation. You want to make sure that your lawn is ready for the spring and you are ready to diagnose a potential problem. When you start to notice trouble with your lawn coming in when the spring hits you want to have it treated right away. The longer you allow something like lawn fungus to live on your property the further it will reach. This will then make it difficult to get your lawn back to the lush green look that you want. There are some signs that you should know about lawn fungus. This early detection can help save your lawn this year.

What Is Lawn Fungus?

There are several types of lawn diseases that your lawn may suffer from. Lawn fungus is a common problem and if your lawn is diagnosed with this you want to be sure you act fast. The fungus will kill your entire lawn if you leave it untreated. Lawn fungus is a disease that can affect the blades of grass, roots and the soil which will not allow the lawn to grow and thrive. There are several types of lawn fungus disease that your lawn could be suffering from.

Brown Patch Lawn Disease

One of the most common types of lawn fungus that you might come across is called a brown patch. You might think that your lawn would suffer from brown patch when it is too dry but the fungus will only grow when it is moist. Brown patch shows up on your lawn in circular shapes that are often in areas that are wet and stay moist. The grass will start to turn brown and look as if it is dying.

Pink & Gray Snow Mold Infections

Another lawn fungus affecting yards in Utah is called snow mold. This is a mold that occurs when the grass is under snow cover. The fungus will usually feel slimy. Pink snow mold has a shade of pink around the outer circle while gray snow mold has an almost bleached appearance. The grass will be matted down and can continue to spread when the snow is removed.

Lawn Fungus Treatment

If you are noticing that your lawn is suffering from a fungus you need to make some adjustments. The majority of the fungi that you will see are from the presence of too much moisture. This can be changed when you adjust the way you water or how often you water your lawn. It can also be treated by a company that specializes in lawn care. Rentokil offers quality services to treat your lawn to have it looking great this coming spring. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!

Signs of Lawn Fungus Disease in Tremonton, UT; Brown Patch, Pink & Gray Snow Mold & More in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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