With the temperatures dropping you can begin to see certain little critter invading your home. One of the most common rodent invaders in Utah is the Norway Rat. Norway Rats are found all throughout America and throughout the state of Utah. These rodents will invade homes to seek shelter from colder temperatures that provide a reliable food or water supply. Rentokil will share more about Norway Rats and how you can keep them out of your home this fall and winter.

Norway Rats Invasive Species Identification

Norway Rats are believed to have originated from Asia and eventually spread throughout the world. Norway Rats can be found almost anywhere. Norway Rats are easily identified with either their short brown fur or peppered black fur, and white to the yellowish colored underbelly. For a rat, Norway Rats have a shorter tail and smaller eyes and ears than their cousins. They have a heavier body shape and a blunt nose.

Norway Rat Burrows

Norway Rats are nocturnal which makes it difficult to detect their presence in the beginning. They will begin to invade homes and other human structures during the fall and completely infest them by winter if left unchecked. Before they invade homes, they will dig burrows outside and within social groups. When one begins to invade a home, more will be following due to the social nature of Norway Rats.

Norway Rat Rodent Damage

Norway Rats have the habit of gnawing on plastic pipes, electrical wiring, insulation, and even drywall. When Norway Rats invade homes they will often make their nests in attics or in basements. Additionally, they will scavenge for food at night and will contaminate pantry goods.

Norway Rat Diseases

Norway Rats are well known for the diseases they carry which include jaundice, plague, rat-bite fever, trichinosis, cowpox virus, and salmonellosis. They can also bring inside fleas and other parasites into the home and infect pets as well as humans. Due to their destructive nature along with the potential health threats that Norway Rats can cause, they should never be tolerated.

How to Get Rid of Norway Rats

Preventing Norway Rats can be difficult, especially if they have already begun invading an area. To help stop and prevent an infestation, make sure to seal your home. Start by covering the attic vent and dryer vent with a wiring mesh, one that allows efficient airflow but won’t allow rodents inside your home. If your home has a chimney, cover it as well with metal wiring mesh. Next, inspect your home’s windows and exterior doors. Look for gaps around the framing and weather stripping. Replace weather stripping or fill in the gaps. Many people will suggest using silicone caulking glue. It will keep insects and bugs out. However, rodents can eventually chew through the glue. To stop rodents use a concrete quick mix to seal the holes or large gaps around the outside of your home. As large as rats are they can still squeeze through a gap the size of a quarter.

Rodent Control

For further assistance, consider contacting a pest control service like Rentokil. We know Norway rats and are much better equipped at dealing with this pest. If you have a rat or pest problem this fall or winter season, contact Rentokil for all of your pest control needs.

Rodent Control Tips in Tremonton, UT; How to Get Rid of Norway Rats, Burrows & Droppings in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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