When you live in an area where cold temperatures are present for long periods of time, like we do in Southern Idaho and Northern Utah, you have to protect your trees from the damage that can occur during these winter months. You don’t want to find them with permanent damage as the weather starts to warm up, or even worse, find them to be completely dead. The tree and shrub experts at Rentokil are here to share some tips to keep your trees safe from the damage that can happen during winter.

Tree Root Injury in the Winter

Unlike the branches of your trees and shrubs, the roots don’t go dormant nearly as quickly. Luckily, the temperature of the soil is usually much warmer than the air. The rate at which the soil freezes is much slower, which gives the roots the chance to slowly go into dormancy. If the roots are shallow or if you have planted young trees, you need to cover the ground around the trunk of the tree with 6 to 8 inches of wood chips or straw.

Heavy Snow & Ice Damage to Trees

When you experience heavy snow or ice storms, there are certain trees that can’t handle it. You may notice that these trees show heavy branch breakage. Some of the trees that are most often affected by snow and ice damage include upright evergreens, multiple leaders or clump trees. The best way to avoid this type of damage to is to have them cabled together by a professional and have them properly pruned as well.

Salt Damage to Trees & Shrub Plants

The ice on your walkways can be dangerous, but the salt used to remove this ice can pose a threat to your trees and shrubs. Even though you don’t put this salt directly on the ground surrounding your trees, the runoff as ice melts is full of salt and can cause damage to the root system. Dieback is a common problem caused by salt. Avoid planting trees in areas where salt runoff happens. You can also use burlap barriers to offer protection for your trees from salt spray.

Winter Tree Damage Caused by Wild Animals & Pests

There are two main animal threats to your trees and shrubs during the winter: deer and rodents. They feed on your trees and shrubs as well as build their nests in them. Here is how you can keep them away.
Rodents– Wire mesh screens and plastic tree guards can be wrapped around the base of your trees to keep rodents from eating the bark. Rodent repellents and traps can also be used but handling these products should be left to professional pest control companies.
Deer– Sometimes you can keep deer away with a quality fence, but you may have to resort to rags saturated in repellent. You can hang these rags from the branches of your trees to keep deer from eating your trees and shrubs.

Tree & Shrub Care

At Rentokil, we can help you keep your trees safe from winter damage. We have specialized training in tree and shrub care as well as the removal of any pests that may damage them. Call us today!

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