Pests come in all shapes and sizes. Some are uglier and more unsettling than others. Where some pests can harm you and/or be destructive to your home or business, most can bring unsanitary and unhealthy conditions. When it comes to pests, they can simply be a nuisance or a real problem. But many people simply do not understand how their premises become infested in the first place. There are several reasons as to why your home or business has now unwelcomed residents, and today, we at Rentokil would like to briefly expound on the matter.

How Do Bugs & Pests Get in Your Home or Business?

1) Pests are brought in accidentally. Most people do not realize they are responsible for the infestation. You or your pet might inadvertently bring pests inside. Some are brought in through packages, second-hand items, or directly on your person or possessions. Cockroaches can easily be brought in via packages and second-hand items, and so on. The best preventative measure is thoroughly inspecting your luggage after a trip before unpacking and checking any second-hand items thoroughly before you bring them inside your home. Do not forget to check cardboard boxes as well.
2) Pests wander in. Pests are opportunists and take advantage whenever possible. There are quite a few pests whose natural habitats are right outside on your trees, bushes, and grass. When the vegetation is growing and makes contact with the roof, vent, or window, these pests will simply wander inside and enjoy the easier lifestyle your home or business provides. If their needs are met, food, water, and climate conditions, they will stick around. Also, open doors and windows are very welcoming to pests looking to escape harsher living conditions, predators, or even when they need food or water. To avoid this occurrence, keep firewood stacked away from the house, maintain the foliage and ensure it does not encroach on your house, and ensure screens are closed over open doors and windows.
3) Pests come in looking for food and water. Most pests will eat the scraps left behind from humans. Leaving food out on the countertops, piled up on dirty dishes in the sink, or even in open garbage cans can attract quite a few pests. Make certain food is secure in airtight containers, you are diligent with housekeeping, and your indoor and outdoor garbage cans are tightly secured with lids and you wash them out monthly with hot soapy water.

Professional Pest Management

These are the basic reasons as to why many homes and business are stricken with pests. On top of your preventative maintenance and care, you can avoid heavy infestations with routine pest control maintenance services. Professionals will customize your pest control needs and help you avoid pest infestations as well as eliminate them if they occur. Call Rentokil today to combat existing pest infestations or prevent them from occurring again!

How Do Pests Get in Your Woods Cross, UT House? Causes of Insect Problems & Pest Infestations in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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