There are some repairs or projects around the home that people can postpone and plan to do later such as replacing a cracked flooring tile or repairing some damaged drywall. These are problems that you notice but if you didn’t get them done right away won’t have dire consequences. The problem with pests of any kind is that when you actually see them in your home, the infestation is likely much worse than you first think. There is a lot of misinformation circulating about pests such as if you have a mouse infestation, it must be because you live in filth and mess. The truth is that mice are looking for a place to nest and something to eat. If you have a meticulously clean home and a stocked pantry then you can still have mice sharing your residence. Today, Rentokil will attempt to weed through some of this misinformation about mice in particular in an effort to set the record straight!

Rentokil Lists Facts about Mice that Make an Infestation a Huge Problem

Your Neighbors Likely Have Mice Too!: You are likely not alone in dealing with rodents on your property. Pest control companies handle cases all day long. As mentioned above, mice infiltrate homes looking for shelter and food. If you have an infestation of mice, then the odds are that your neighbors have them too! They are a bigger problem than you might think and will actually invade lots of homes every year. The most common time for mice infestations is the fall and winter months when mice are looking for refuge from the cold weather.
No Place Is Safe from Mice: When it comes to mice, many people think that they will only get into the pantry and garage. The interesting thing is that mice are pretty good at doing a lot of things. One is that they can climb just about anything, they are great at jumping and they can even swim. That means that when you have mice in the house they are able to get into any place in the house looking for food or shelter. They can jump into a cupboard or from one counter to another. They can climb up the wall and get into just about any place that they want.
Mice Spread Germs & Diseases: Mice are a messy pest that actually leaves droppings and urine as they go along. That means that their excrement can be on kitchen counters, food and more! Among the feces and urine are bacteria and diseases that can make you and your family members sick. You need to take care when cleaning any droppings up that you find around your house.

Rodent Control

If you suspect mice in your home, call out a professional right away as mice breed and increase in numbers extremely fast. Rentokil offers expert pest control services to treat unwanted mice in your house. We can conduct a thorough inspection and then present a custom course of action best suited to your needs. Contact us today!

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