Spending the evening on your patio during the summer is dreamy. It turns into a nightmare, however, if the pests are kept at bay. Nothing can ruin an outdoor gathering quite like pests. There are several things you can do to cut down the number of pests around your deck and patio immensely so you can enjoy your evenings outside. Rentokil is here to share some tips that will help keep pests from invading your porch, patio or deck this summer.

Worst Pests Building Nests or Invading Your Porch, Patio or Deck

There are many pests that find your porch, patio or deck attractive. This is especially true when you are having a dinner party and food is involved. Flies, fruit flies, and mosquitoes are often irritating for those enjoying their backyard; as well as wasps and other stinging pests. These stinging pests will often build nests near your windows and doorways which make them a threat as well as a nuisance.

Pest Prevention Tips

The following are some steps you can take to stop allowing these pests to keep you from going outside to enjoy your outdoor space.
Get Rid of Clutter– If your patio or deck is clutter-free and clean, it will be more likely to be pest-free. Don’t allow clutter to give pests a place to hideout. You should also get rid of all crumbs and sticky remnants from your last BBQ so you aren’t attracting ants, wasps, and bees with the sugary or greasy leftovers.
Change the Lighting– Pests are attracted to bright lights. Replacing your current white bulbs with yellow bulbs will make your patio less appealing. Pests aren’t as attracted to an orange or yellow glow like they are to bright white.
Plant Herbs– There are some herbs that will help keep pests away. You can plant garlic, rosemary or chive and lemongrass to help repel insects. Flowers like marigolds can be used to ward off pests as well. Having them on the table and planted around your deck or patio will keep pests at bay.
Citronella Torches– Citronella is known to keep mosquitoes away. You have to burn several torches in order for them to be beneficial, but this oil will help keep biting pests like mosquitoes away from your outdoor space.
Hydrogen Peroxide Pest Repellent– Many pests don’t like hydrogen peroxide. You can mix it with water and create a spray to keep bugs away. Spray the perimeter and your furniture with the mixture and you will see the mixture work its magic. Be sure to keep from spraying near food and drink though.

Pest Management

If you are having a hard time keeping the pests controlled in your outdoor space, the experts at Rentokil can help. Let us keep your outdoor space usable with our experienced pest control techniques. Don’t let pests determine the amount of time you spend outside this summer. Call us today!

How to Keep Bugs & Pests Off Your Front Porch & Away from Your Outside Patio Party in Tremonton, UT in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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