The summer is about to come to an end and that means that a new season is close behind. The fall season brings with it beautiful cool weather, great colors outdoors and also pests galore. Many pests will stay outdoors when the weather is warm and when it changes and cools off the pests want to get in your house. One of the pests that are most prevalent is rodents since they are looking for a nice place to nest. Inside the walls of your home or in your attic is a great place for them to hang out. When rodents start to nest in your home they can be a real nuisance. They scratch the walls and can be noisy in the night while you are trying to sleep.

Rentokil Lists Interesting Facts About Rodents That You May Not Know.

Rats Social Structure: The majority of rodents don’t want to live alone and do better when they are in a family or group. They love to socialize and rodents such as rats have a hierarchy that they use for pecking orders. They have strong relationships with other rodents and that can last their entire life. The problem for you is that if you have one rodent you are sure to have more. Studies have found that rats and mice will show signs of depression when they are left alone without other rodents to enjoy their time with.
Rodents Chew: One of the characteristics that set a rodent apart from other pests are their distinct incisors. They are a set of teeth that will actually never stop growing and because of that, they chew through just about any kind of substance. They have been known to chew through wood, metal and even concrete to get what they want.
Eating Rats: This may not be a food that you want to have served up on a platter but it can be used as food as is in other countries. The meat of a rat can be cooked and served and is found in other parts of the world. Most people will do all they can to keep rats out of their food which includes regular pest control services.
Some Rodents Do Not Drink Water: One thing that you may find interesting about mice is that they don’t need to drink water to survive. They are actually able to get all the hydration that they need to survive through the foods that they eat. This means that you need to be much more cautious about food being left out rather than water that is available to them.
Rodent Come in Many Sizes: When people are asked about rodents most people say rats and mice but there are many more species. Coming across a rat is not fun but what is there was a rodent that was much bigger than that! There are around 2,000 different species of rodents found all over the world and some of them are larger than a house dog!

Rodent Pest Control

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