Pest infestations can be devastating for any business but even more so if you have a restaurant, food handling or other food handling related business. Unfortunately, if you have food products at your disposal, it is synonymous with ringing the dinner bell and openly inviting all types of insects, rodents and even wildlife who are in search of a quick meal and new home. Safe food handling includes the effective control of disease-carrying pests which are imperative to ensuring the health and well-being of your clientele and employees. If the health department finds signs of pests at your business it could result in the property being temporarily closed along with ruining your reputation with the general public.

Importance of Pest Exclusion

The experienced professionals at Rentokil are the experts when it comes to eliminating and excluding pests from your restaurant or other food handling facility. Common pests found in and around food preparation areas include flies, cockroaches, and rodents along with other pests that are capable of contaminating food and the surrounding surfaces. If you are handling, preparing or storing food or food-related products at your facility, it means that the entire area must be free of pests and their waste products. Your customers do not want insects or rodents contaminating their food. Many pests can spread diseases and bacteria that can lead to food poisoning and dysentery which can make your clientele very sick.

Restaurant Pest Control Procedures

Restaurants are constantly under attack from insects and rodents which can be found in many areas including kitchens, dining rooms, and food storage areas. An audit from the health department with a low score tells your customers that you have a pest problem which can have a detrimental effect on your business resulting in lost sales, product recalls, compensation claims, legal prosecution, and loss of loyal customer confidence and revenue. The knowledgeable pest control technicians at Rentokil will work with you to ensure that the pest control services we provide are customized to your unique set of circumstances.

Commercial Pest Inspections & Custom Treatment Plans

Services include a thorough inspection of your property inside and out, assessment of your specific pest control issues and a solution to eliminate and exclude pests from your property. At Rentokil, our pest control technicians are highly trained when it comes to food handling regulations. Our primary concern is to remove pest infestations and create an exclusion barrier to stop insects and rodents from returning to your business. We examine the building and customize a comprehensive treatment plan by providing the best pest control and prevention methods available in today’s competitive market. We are familiar with the strict guidelines set up by the state for food handling and pest control and we understand that your business is unique.

Commercial Pest Management

For more information regarding commercial pest control in Northern Utah and surrounding areas, contact our experienced pest control professionals today. At Rentokil, our priority is to provide your restaurant or food-handling facility with the highest level of protection available so you can focus on your primary concern, your customers.

Importance of Commercial Kitchen, Restaurant & Food Handling Pest Control & Exclusion in Hyrum, UT in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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