Chinch bug found in Northern Utah - RentokilWe’ve talked to so many homeowners that have put weeks of hard work into improving their yards, only to have them overrun with pests come summertime. With the benefits of spring rain and the promise of summer warmth, all kinds of pests will soon become active in our yards. Fortunately for you, our team of residential exterminators has years of experience serving homes in Northern UT, and we have developed an exhaustive understanding of the kinds of pest problems that Utah homeowners deal with year after year.

Frequent Lawn Pests in Northern Utah

Many types of common lawn pests live right underneath the top layer of your soil, making it hard to be aware of an ongoing pest outbreak. Here are a few types of pests to keep watch for in your yard this summer:

  1. Grubs: Grubs are actually beetle larvae – they are laid in the soil as summer comes to a close. After remaining dormant through the winter, they make their way toward the surface in spring to eat grass roots, developing into their adult stages and continuing the reproductive cycle. They are particularly harmful to lawns, so it is very important to exterminate them before they take over yours.
  2. Chinch bugs: These insects love to infest lawns that are already below full health. They live at the surface of the lawn, draining sap from blades of grass. You notice that your lawn is turning a unique purple-tinged yellow, meaning that chinch bugs are present, draining the life from your lawn.
  3. Armyworms: Coming in a variety of colors, armyworms will spread themselves all across your yard, feeding on sap from your grass and various other plants. They are the larval stage of moths, and feed through the early summer until they are ready to develop into their adult stage.

How to Better Defend Your Lawn Against Pests

Lawn pests can easily remain hidden until they’ve taken a serious toll on your lawn. Many common pests will eat up the roots of your lawn until spots of yellow-brown grass appear across your yard. Once your lawn has reached this stage, it can be hard to fix without hiring a professional lawn care company. However, there are a few ways that you can prevent lawn deterioration on your own:

  • Mow routinely. Try to mow your lawn once a week.
  • Irrigate properly. Both overwatering and underwatering your lawn can create suitable environments for various different pests.
  • Fertilize as needed. Nitrogen-based fertilizers are the most versatile and effective approach to fertilization in Utah.

Professional Lawn Pest Control in Northern Utah

To make sure your yard stays pest free all summer long, your best bet is to work with a professional pest control company. At Rentokil, our lawn pest experts can implement a variety of lawn care and pest prevention strategies as needed to eliminate any pest activity in your yard. For a free estimate on lawn pest control services, contact us today!

How to Prevent Lawn Pests this Summer in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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