The spring and summer weather is a great time of year for your lawn and garden to flourish and look it’s very best. The temperatures outside are ideal for plants to grow and do well. Now that the weather is changing and the colder temperatures will soon be here, there are preparations that have to be done in order to set yourself up for the next year. If you just ignore the garden in these cold months you will have to potentially start all over in the spring. The ground and the plants that are left over will be in bad shape and end up taking a lot of time and effort to get back. Make sure that you take some time to go through your garden or have a lawn care company out to prepare it for the cooler weather.

Rentokil Outlines Steps to Save Your Garden in Cooler Temperatures

Start with Yard Clean Up: The first thing that you need to do when you are preparing your garden for the cold is to get cleaning. You want to go around the yard, lawn, and garden and pick up any debris that you can find. This will be any plants that have died, fruits that have fallen from a tree or vegetables that you are not planning to use. Don’t toss them in a trash can because they are great for your compost pile. They can be used later to increase the nutrients to your lawn and garden when the time comes. You also need to go around and look into the plants and other debris that have some form of mold or disease. These are the parts that you want to throw out and not put in the compost. If you do, the whole compost will be bad.
Use Cover Crops: Many commercial farms will use what is called plant cover. There is a great way to protect the ground and have it ready for the next season. You can use it at your home in the areas that you know plants will not do well in the cold. This will prevent weeds from growing and will protect the soil from the upcoming weather. Talk to a professional about what plants are best to cover during the winter.
Use Your Compost in Garden: Now is a great time to use the compost that you have been saving up! The compost is great to lay over the soil for several reasons. The compost will start to enrich the soil so that it is perfect when planting season begins. It can also help to protect your soil and other remaining plants.

Lawn Care Services

If you are concerned about your remaining plants and trees during the winter it is best to ask a professional. And when our harsh winter is over, call Rentokil to help your lawn recover quickly before the summer heat sets in. We are available to meet all your lawn and yard care needs including lawn fertilization, weed control, aeration, and insect control.

How to Prepare Your Lawn & Get Your Yard Ready for a Cold Winter in Smithfield, UT in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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