Pantry pests or stored product pests such as beetles, weevils, and moths infest and attack food containing grains along with many other everyday food items that are stored in your kitchen and pantry. If you are experiencing a problem with these types of pests and you are feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to proceed, your Rentokil pest control technician is available to assist you. We can offer you the safeguarding you need from unwanted pests with our comprehensive maintenance and service plans that are designed to provide protection from new and reoccurring pest problems.

Where Do Pantry Bugs, Beetles & Other Pests Come From

Many pests including beetles, weevils, and moths can be transported into your home from food items purchased at your local grocery store. The most common pantry pests that can be found and brought into your home include the sawtoothed grain beetle, the Indian meal moth, and the confused flour beetle. It is not uncommon for food products to contain the eggs of these insects. Food including cereal, pasta, dried beans, cookies, chocolate, cake mix and even decorative items such as dried flower arrangements are considered the number-one culprits. If you keep these items stored in your pantry or kitchen there is a good chance that the eggs will hatch and begin their lifecycle before you are even aware that you have a problem.

Tips to Controlling an Active Infestation of Pantry Pests

If you find evidence of beetles, weevils or moths in or around food items, empty all of your drawers and cabinets. Identify all items of foodstuff that are infected. Discard any food items that you suspect of being a source of contamination. If you are not sure and you don’t want to throw the item away, place it in a sealed container. Inspect the container approximately one to two weeks later for any signs of activity. Alternatively, you can place the food in an airtight bag and freeze it for 48 hours to destroy any pests and eggs. Carefully inspect the bottom of any canned items for possible nesting sites along with the lids of jars and bottles.

Are Pantry Pests Harmful if Eaten?

Although pantry pests do not spread disease and are generally harmless, they can produce allergic reactions in individuals who are susceptible. Symptoms include respiratory issues and skin rashes. And if we are completely honest, there is a certain queasy feeling associated with consuming bugs in our morning cereal or oatmeal.

How Can I Prevent Food Bug & Pantry Pest Infestations?

Pantry pests can be difficult to prevent because they are brought into the home with the food that we purchase from grocery stores and markets. While getting rid of any long term items in your cupboards can help prevent the pests from infesting the surrounding food items, it is a short term solution. A Rentokil monthly service plan will ensure that your home is free of annoying pests by providing pest control solutions that are designed to continually protect both the inside and outside of your home or business. If you are interested in learning more about residential and commercial pest control, prevention, removal, and exclusion in Northern Utah and Southern Idaho contact the knowledgeable professionals at Rentokil and speak with a friendly customer service provider regarding your pest control needs.

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