The thick of summer and early fall are always thick with flies, and they feel extra sticky. You know, that feeling when their sticky little legs land on you? This is the time of year that they are breeding like crazy and as long as they are outside, they aren’t quite as bothersome. It’s when they start to make it inside your home that it gets irritating. Rentokil are here to talk about some tips to keep flies away this fall since they are especially thick right before the first freeze.

Eliminate Fly Infestation Breeding Grounds

The lifespan of a fly is actually pretty short; 10-25 days to be exact. However, they lay hundreds of eggs and that creates a problem as they start to hatch. Usually, they lay eggs on food products. As the eggs hatch the larvae feed on the leftover food until they reach adulthood and the cycle continues. Leaving leftover food around your home makes it easy for flies to make their way into your home. Make sure your trash is stored far from the house and you clean up food as soon as you are done eating to avoid this breeding ground problem.

Get Rid of Excessive Moisture that Attracts Flies

Just like several other pests, flies need to have a constant source of water to survive. They will search for water; so where there is standing water, there will likely be flies. The more moisture you have around, the more flies you will have around as well.

Keep the Kitchen Clean to Help Prevent Flies

Everyone knows how attracted flies are to your food. Whenever your kitchen is a mess, the problem is even worse. Keep your kitchen free of even the smallest crumbs as they will also attract flies. You should also take out the trash regularly since flies are extremely attracted to rotting food.

Clean Up Outdoor Areas to Stop Flies Around Bins etc

If you have any outdoor areas like a kitchen or fire pit and other seating areas, they should be kept clean as well. Even forgetting to wash off the table after eating an outdoor meal will attract a large number of flies. Sometimes without knowing it, there are remnants of food on outdoor tables that are keeping the fly population interested in your space. Remember, if they are attracted to it inside your house, they will also be attracted when it is outside.

Fly Control

Hopefully, by following these few sanitation tips, you can avoid the onslaught of flies this fall. They will still likely be somewhat of an issue this fall which makes our team of professional pest control specialists so important in keeping them away. Rentokil have the experience and resources needed to help keep your house clear of house flies this fall when they are trying to get inside to survive. If you notice that you are surrounded by this irritating pest, let us help you get rid of the problem with our pest control services. Call us today!

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