One of the worst pests to have landed on your food is the common housefly. Flies are everywhere and have bad habits that make them filthy. They love disgusting substances like feces, garbage, and stagnant water. When they land on your food, chances are they’ve just come from one of these dirty areas and because they are hairy they have got bacteria and contaminants all over them. Another bad habit is they tend to vomit on everything. They do this because they can’t chew, so they spit enzymes onto any food they want to eat and then suck it back up. The next time you see a housefly on your food, it’s probably what they’re doing! The most common way to take care of flies in the home seems to be using a fly swatter. This might be effective if you’re dealing with one or two flies, but when numbers are larger, you’ll need to come up with a better plan.

Tips to Keep Flies Out of House & Away from Your Property

1. Fly Pest Inspection. The first step you will need to take is to figure out where the house flies are and why. The control method may be a little different depending on what type of house fly you’re dealing with from cluster flies and other bigger flies to smaller species like fruit flies.
2. Sanitation. House flies are also known as filth flies because they are drawn to filth. If you make efforts to keep surfaces clean then you’ll make a big step in controlling them especially in areas where they feed and breed. Keep garbage covered and take it out often, clean spills as soon as they happen and keep food sealed or refrigerated. Make sure pet areas are kept clean and repair any areas that are providing moisture.
3. Fly Exclusion. This means keeping them out. Keep windows and doors closed as much as possible and make sure screens are in good shape. Cover vents with screens and seal any openings they might be using to get in. Look around vents and holes in the siding and seal with caulk, if needed.

Housefly Infestation Control

When you’re dealing with house flies, you will need to figure out why they’re so attracted to your home and property. You will need to inspect, sanitize, exclude and call on professionals like Rentokil. Contact us today to get rid of house flies and other pests; keep them from coming back!

How to Get Rid of Infestations of House Flies in Your Logan, UT House & Outside Patio in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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