Pest problems are rampant in student housing and college students frequently experience issues with pests in their dorm rooms. Crumbs from snacks eaten and stored in dorms attract pests, as do piles of trash that don’t get taken out right away. Not to mention all the clutter that gives pests lots of places to hide. Dorm rooms may also not be sealed properly with broken screens and gaps under doors. Rentokil will now go over some of the ways to keep pests away.

Tips to Keep Bugs, Roaches, Spiders, Mice & Other Pests Out of Your Dorm Room

1. Put food away to deter pests. Pests are drawn to food. Leaving leftovers out only tempts them. Put food away and make sure it’s all sealed properly. This rule applies to other pantry food too such as cereal, chips, pretzels, etc. Store these food items in tightly sealed containers to reduce the chance you’ll invite pests in.
2. Minimize clutter to remove pest hiding places. Pests love clutter. College life means you’re on your own as far as how neat your room will be. Stacks of paper and growing piles of junk everywhere will give pests a place to hide. Keeping your room free of clutter will have you more productive and free of pests.
3. Clean dishes to prevent pests. Dishes should be washed and dried. Dirty dishes in the sink have bits of food on them and even if you rinse them off and plan to do it in the morning, those minuscule pieces of food are just what pests are looking for. Rinsed dishes also provide moisture that attracts cockroaches.
4. Eliminate standing water. Pests love moisture. Cockroaches will look for places that are dark warm and moist. Silverfish are also attracted to moisture and flies and gnats can be found around pipes with condensation. If the moisture in your room attracts just one pair of mice, you can have more than 15,000 offspring in just 12 months!
5. Vacuum & dust to deter pests. Pests can be prevented when you vacuum and dust regularly. Doing so removes crumbs, insect eggs, webs along with other items pests need to survive. Plus, a clean dorm room makes it easier to spot pests.
6. Prevent pests by taking the trash out. You took out the trash regularly when you lived at home and you need to do it at school too. A full trash can is unsightly, smelly and an attraction for pests. The smell of food and possible sources of water are just too tempting. Use a trash can with a tight-fitting lid and empty it sooner than needed if it’s smelly. Wipe the trash can out if it gets sticky from spills.
7. Seal openings so eliminate pest entry points. Pests will get inside through cracks, crevices and tears or holes in screens. Ignoring these openings is like giving pests a wide-open door. Mice only need the hole to be the size of a dime to get inside, rats, the size of a quarter.
8. Hang wet clothing. Again, pests like moisture. Tossing wet clothes or towels on the floor is not a good idea. These items need to be hung up to remove moisture in the room. Placing wet clothes and towels in the hamper only invites mold to start growing.

Pest Management

Contact your resident advisor as soon as you suspect you’re dealing with any pest. Rentokil is knowledgeable on all the pests that infest dorm rooms. Give us a call today to get rid of pests in your student housing!

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