Wasps can be mean when they are disturbed, and anyone who has ever been stung knows that first hand. Rentokil will present some helpful information regarding European Wasps to hopefully spare you from their painful stings.

European Wasp Identification

European wasps were first discovered here in Utah in 1999-2000. It is believed that they traveled to Salt Lake in a shipping container or package from somewhere in Europe. Also known by the formal name Polistes Dominula, the European wasp is native to Europe and China. They are excellent invaders and are known to be quick breeders with a high reproduction rate. They independently invaded North and South America and are now known to be found all over Utah. The Polistes Wasp closely resembles a yellow jacket and are often mistaken for them.

What Attracts European Wasps?

In farm settings wasps become a nuisance rather quickly because they are attracted to the smell of sweet fruit and various meats. Fermenting fruit is a favorite for them. It has been noted that various raspberry farmers have had a hard time harvesting their fruit because these pests can cause a considerable amount of damage to their fruit crops and make picking difficult. Picnics are another ideal scenario for European wasps to attend because of the open packages of food that left out that make an easy meal for them.

European Wasp Nests

This species of wasp builds open nests above ground and prefers spaces such as open pipes, storage sheds, resting machinery that isn’t moved too often, under decks, bushes, shrubs, and doorways, etc. If their nest is disturbed you can bet they will start to attack, so if you find one you should steer clear and call in a professional like Rentokil.

Multiple Wasp Stings

Unlike bees, wasps can sting their victims multiple times. They attack in great numbers and can cause some real damage. There is only limited information available to us currently regarding the European Wasp as it is still a new invasive species here. In the event a nest is found, a beekeepers uniform and commercial grade traps and insecticides should be used by a professional to remove the nest safely and effectively. It is not recommended that you attempt to remove a wasp’s nest on your own because of the risks that are involved.

Stinging Insect Control & Removal

Rentokil are here to serve all your pest control needs. We have the experience necessary to eliminate all types of pests from your home or property safely and effectively. We have the tools and expertise needed to get the job done. Give us a call today.

How to Get Rid of European Wasps in Park City, UT & Stop Stinging Insects from Coming Back in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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