The temperatures are dropping and when that happens, we in Utah and Idaho see fewer pests, but not all will become dormant and hibernate. Many pests continue to stay active all year long and during the fall, when it gets chillier and food becomes scarce, many pests will seek shelter inside. As a result, our Utah and Idaho homes will become a sanctuary to many pests. Today, we at Rentokil would like to share the most common pests likely to be spotted in your home this fall and winter.

Keep Fall & Winter Bugs & Pests Out of Your House

Ants: Cold temperatures slow ants down. They will burrow deeper into the ground where it is warmer. Often, ants will also find the warmth they seek inside your home and will quickly commence foraging. If the colony is large, killing them yourself can be particularly challenging. To effectively eliminate an ant infestation, you need the expertise of a professional. Ants will deliver painful pinches, contaminate food, and be an annoyance as they continue to multiple. Immediate action is recommended to avoid excessive moisture.
Mice & Rats: Rodents do not require much space to squeeze inside your abode. They frequently start intruding inside during the fall when food becomes scarce and temperatures dip. When these warm-blooded pests infest homes, they gnaw through electrical wiring, lead or plastic piping, the structure and spread bacteria as well as diseases. Rodent problems are not something to take likely. They will multiply and grow quickly, and two rodents will rapidly become 20. At the first inkling of any kind of rodents in your home, you should call for professional control.
Spiders: In Utah homes in winter, spiders are by far the most common problem. There aren’t many steps you can take for preventative pest control for arachnids, especially when they follow other pests inside. Some spiders can be beneficial, but some can be venomous with their bite. Webs are an obvious sign of an infestation. Where it is better to play it safe, if you find spiders in your home, call a professional to eliminate the infestation.

Fall & Winter Pest Prevention

Be sure to keep up with sanitation practices, secure food in a sealable container, including pet food, and keep the trash can with lids that are pet-proof as well as avoid clutter to enhance the preventative measures.

Year-Round Pest Control

These are just the most common pests that are likely to intrude in your Utah or Idaho home. There are a number of additional pests that can be infesting your home this fall or winter. The professionals of Rentokil can wipe out any infestations or provide services that will offer your home better protection from the pests that are looking for warmth and shelter. Our pest experts are trained and experienced and use quality products to ensure the effective elimination of any pests that infiltrate your home. With our pest control efforts, you can avoid the winter pest infestations. Contact us today!

How to Control Insects & Pests that Come Out During the Fall and Winter in Logan, UT in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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