While the summer months are prime for your lawn care, don’t forget about that turf during the fall and winter. Your lawn is going to need to be prepared for winter and the harsh conditions it brings. There are several tasks that need to be taken care of now before the snow starts to fall. Rentokil is here to share some tips that will help you prepare your lawn for the harsh reality of winter.

Fall Time Mowing

During the summer, you are constantly aware of mowing your lawn. Just as much care should be taken during the fall. As the leaves start to fall from the trees, you should be mowing your lawn every 10-14 days to keep the leaves off your lawn. Too many leaves will smother your lawn. Always check the recommendations for the type of grass you have, but you should be mowing your lawn as short as possibly safe in preparation for winter. A good rule of thumb for most grasses is 0.75 inches during the cold months of the year. Keeping your lawn on the shorter side will help safeguard it against fungus as snowfall. With your lawn the right length, you can prolong the mowing process as spring approaches.

When to Apply Winterizer Fertilizer

Using a natural fertilizer before the snow starts to fall will help ensure your lawn is thick and green when spring comes. Some people already fertilized their lawn toward the end of summer, but on the off-chance you didn’t, fall is a great time to do so. Use a fertilizer with 0% phosphates for the best results.

When to Stop Watering Lawn in Fall

In the summer months, watering your lawn is a must. Now that the weather is cooling, your lawn doesn’t require the same amount of moisture it did in the summer. You can slow the watering schedule way down; if not turn it off completely. The temperature may start to dip below freezing and you don’t want any water in those sprinkler pipes that could freeze and cause pipes to burst.

Thermal Insulation Properties of Ice & Snow

As you plow your walkways and paths during the winter, be careful not to remove too much of the snow on the lawn. This snow acts as an insulation from the plummeting temps of winter and removing it could damage your lawn.

Lawn & Yard Care

If you are overwhelmed with the task of getting your lawn ready for the winter, the lawn experts at Rentokil are here to help. We have the equipment and experience needed to prepare your lawn and ensure you have a thick, lush turf when summer comes next year. Call us today!

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