When you are dealing with pests of any kind there are some real worries. You are wondering first off how many there are that you can’t see. You might want to know if they can damage your house. When it comes to some pests they can be a problem for the structure of your home. Mice and rats are good examples. Other pests are a problem because they carry harmful diseases that can be spread to your family members. One pest that often causes fear for homeowners is spiders! Not just any spiders but more specifically, the black widow spider. Black widows are considered the most venomous spider species in Utah as well as all of North America! You know you are looking at a black widow spider by their shiny black body with the red hourglass shape on the belly. They are known for their distinctive appearance but also because they carry a venomous bite. The toxin that is in their bite is enough to cause some pain and irritation but when they bite something smaller than a person such as a pet it can be worse.

Rentokil Explains What to Look For if You Think Your Dog Has Been Bitten By a Black Widow Spider

Where Might My Dog Come Across a Black Widow Spider?: When it comes to spiders including black widows they can be found in a lot of areas. They are quiet and want to find a dark place that is out of the way. This is often in a corner that isn’t disturbed often. Spiders don’t know that outdoors is where we want them to stay so they are often found in cluttered areas of your home as well. If you have ever watched your dog chase a toy or a laser light you know that the slightest movement can be enough to intrigue them. The same can happen when they are out and about sniffing around and come across a spider web. They could see the web and go in for a sniff which is enough to startle the spider and it will strike. Your dog will have a reaction to the bite so it is a good idea to know what to look for.
What Does a Spider Bite Look Like on a Dog & What Are the Signs?: If you suspect your dog has been bitten by a black widow you can tell because of a few common symptoms. If you notice these symptoms they might be signs of other illness as well so getting your pet to a vet is an important part of their recovery. Your dog might start to slobber more than normal as well as have diarrhea and even vomiting. You can look at the dog’s belly to see if it is extended and hard. They also will have some trouble with walking and running because the venom is a neurotoxin that affects the muscles and nerves. You can also see spasms in the dog’s muscles if you look close enough. It is unlikely you will see the actual site of the bite as dogs are so furry.

Spider Control

Spiders tend to reproduce during the fall months, so you may see more spiders than usual in the coming months because they are on the lookout for a mate. Rentokil offers pest control services to treat for venomous black widow spiders. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

What Happens if a Dog Gets Bit By a Venomous Black Widow Spider in Orem, UT? in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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