No one wants to have pests in and around their homes. We want them out because the majority of us have some fear of pests or at least some level of disdain. We also know the structural damage they cause and the health risks they pose to our loved ones. If we see just one pest, there are sure to be more lurking behind in the shadows. That is how a pest infestation starts. A small number of pests get in and are left untreated only to reproduce and grow in numbers. You may have some irrational fear of what pests look like or how they move, but you can always have a justified fear concerning the disease pests can carry. There are several types of pests that carry disease that can be transmitted to a person easily. One of these pests are rodents, and specifically mice. Mice carry and transmit many bacteria and germs wherever they go but they also spread a disease that can be extremely harmful to the people around them.

Rentokil Explains How Common Hantavirus is in Deer AKA Field Mice

Do All Deer Mice Carry Hantavirus?: While not all deer or field mouse carries and transmits hantavirus, there are some that do. This disease has been found in about a quarter of all field mice. Symptoms will often show up in a person anywhere from one to eight weeks after the exposure.
Symptoms Of Hantavirus: If you have had contact with mice and start to have some particular symptom you may require some medical attention. The early signs that you have this disease are headaches, fever, chills and even large areas of body aches. Your symptoms will continue for some time which is how you can tell it is something more than just the common flu. After about two weeks you will start to see tightness in the chest and trouble breathing. If you are concerned that you are having these symptoms it is best to see a healthcare professional because the disease has the ability to be fatal.
Chances of Getting Hantavirus: The interesting thing about hantavirus is that you don’t need to actually see or come in contact with a mouse. Mice are filthy pests that leave in their wake feces and urine as they go. The feces and urine are where the bacteria that causes the disease is found. When you see the feces your first instinct is to clean it up quickly. This can be your downfall and cause the contraction of the disease. When the feces is disturbed the bacteria can become airborne and breathed in. The best way to take care of the mess is to be sure that when you clean the feces you wear a mask and air out the room in advance.

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Hantavirus Disease Transmission via Field AKA Deer Mouse Droppings in Preston, ID in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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