Most wasp species are social insects. Noticing wasps swarming overhead will likely indicate there is a nest close by. They work together to build the nest, forage and protect the nest. To ensure wasps are effectively removed from the premises, removing the nest is a vital step. Many homeowners will attempt to remove the nest on their own accord, thinking it is not a problem to do so, but when they are confronted with thousands of aggressive wasps capable of relentless and multiple stings to protect their home, they learn a hard lesson. Today, we at Rentokil would like to drive home why leaving the removal of wasps’ nests to the professionals is important.

Wasps Can Sting Multiple Times

As aforementioned, wasps are capable and willing to deliver multiple stings to a perceived threat. Their nests can prove to be a logistical challenge due to their remarkable long-range of flight patterns when foraging. Additionally, their wasp placement can be difficult to reach and more problematic than it seems because many wasps prefer the aerial locations of trees and structures. Since many times the nests are partially or fully concealed, retaliation can be expected if you try to exterminate the exposed nest or wasps with an over the counter aerosol wasp exterminating product. Homeowners should rely on and call professionals to remove the wasp nest due to these challenges, to avoid the painful and repeated stings that can likely occur without the proper training for execution.

Wasp Sting Swelling, Pain & Allergic Reaction

Despite gearing up with protective clothing, homeowners can make mistakes that either the colony isn’t effectively eliminated, or the gruesome attack will be underway. Though wasps do not administer venom when they sting, the effects are unpleasant with pain, swelling that makes the site more uncomfortable and dealing with multiple stings can be especially grueling. Not only are these initial stings unpleasant, but many people experience varying degrees of allergic reactions to the sting that range from minor to severe, and like bee stings, in those with severe reactions and multiple stings, the results can be fatal if medical attention isn’t given fast enough.

DIY VS Professional Wasp Nest Removal

Without the right training, handing the wasp nest is not worth the risk. A better investment is allowing a trained and experienced professional to remove the wasp nest to ensure your safety and efficiency of eliminating the threat of wasps. Professionals have the expertise, skills, and effective products that make the process a lot easier, efficient, and safe. It is only a matter of time before they are colonized once again even if you manage with the initial nest removal and enough wasps manage to survive. Not only will the professional ensure the wasp nest is efficiently removed from the premises, but most companies will offer a guarantee should a nest comes back in a short time frame, obligating them to take care of it at no cost to in some cases.

Stinging Insect Control

As they look for meats and sweet offerings leftover from your scraps, wasps are notoriously known for invading trash areas and water locations. In the event you have a wasp issue, call the experts of Rentokil & Lawn Treatment to safely and effectively remove the wasp nest from your grounds.

How to Get Rid of a Wasp Nest without Getting Stung in Garden City, UT; Professional Removal in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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