Yellowjackets are the most aggressive of wasps. Yellowjackets are more slender than bees and fold their wings lengthwise when at rest. Like most wasps, yellow jackets prey on a variety of insects but will also help themselves to foods that people eat; especially sweets and meats. Despite their aggressive behavior, they are considered beneficial pests, as they prey on other insects. But unlike bees, they deliver multiple painful stings. With a yellow jacket’s colony remaining active for only one summer, the queens will fly away to start more colonies. The remaining queen dies at the end of the season, and the nest is left abandoned. Yellowjackets are most aggressive when they feel their nest is threatened and their stings are fairly painful. Those allergic should seek immediate medical attention.

What Do Yellow Jackets Look Like?

Depending on the species of yellow jackets, their nests can be found in aerial locations or near the ground. They are social creatures and thousands of workers can be produced in a single season. They often carry the coloring for warding off potential threats; black and yellow or black and white. In contrast to bees, yellow jackets have a narrower waist and grow up to 1” in length. Being that they an aggressive, stinging insect it is in your better interest to stay clear of them, and especially their nests.

What to Do If You Find a Yellow Jacket’s Nest?

If you discover a yellow jacket’s nest in close proximity to your home or business, removal can be challenging and it is recommended that you contact a professional for yellow jacket removal services to ensure your safety and the safety of others in the area. With the knowledge and expertise of a professional; the understanding of the yellow jackets biology, habits, and behavior can better equip us to handle removal. Additionally, being that yellow jackets will easily attack a perceived threat and continue the assault until they feel safe, professionals are suited in protective gear designed to safeguard us from the vicious and unmerciful stinging.

Benefits of Professional Yellow Jacket Removal

Professional yellow jacket removal is more cost-effective than you can imagine. With competitive rates, our cost for services is not that much more than buying the safety gear and going through multiple products to find an effective treatment. Professionals often guarantee their work, so if in the event members of the yellow jacket colony is lingering behind; the professional will happily rectify the situation and put in place preventative products to help you avoid further infestations. In a nutshell, professional yellow jacket removal is more beneficial for the following reasons:
– Safety in Removal
– Cost-Effective
– Work is Guaranteed
– Safer Product Application for People and Pets

Yellow Jacket Extermination

If you have yellow jackets terrorizing the property grounds of your home or business throughout Northern Utah and Southern Idaho, contact the trained experts of Rentokil. Our technicians have experience with yellow jackets and the proficient removal of their nests. Call us today to get started on your yellow jacket removal service.

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