Paper wasps are social by nature. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and are mostly brown, with orange or yellow stripes. No matter the color or pattern, you should always keep a safe distance from any nest. Paper wasps are calm for the most part and won’t chase you when you walk by unless they feel their nest is under attack. If they are threatened, they will attack and sting. Their sting is what makes them scary because they will sting more than once. Stings can be painful and can cause allergic reactions if there is an allergy to the venom. Paper wasps eat nectar, sap, and other similar materials and will feed the larvae of spiders and other insects. They will sting other insects for food and will paralyze their prey before bringing it back to the nest. The insect is paralyzed rather than killed so it doesn’t decay in the nest.

Paper Wasp Nest Identification

The easiest way to identify paper wasps is by the nests they build. The nest of a paper wasp can be identified by the umbrella-shape and is held by a single comb. These nests are also open and not closed like those of a yellow jacket nest. This shape is unique to paper wasps. The nests of these wasps are created from the wood they chew combined with their saliva to produce a paper mash. The nest can be gray to brown in color and will depend on the type of wood they’re chewing on to make it. Their nests can be found in shrubs or high elevated areas like on buildings, porch ceilings, under eaves, attic rafters, and trees. Check your property from time to time. You don’t want to come upon a nest unexpectedly when you’re working in your yard.

Paper Wasp Stings

Stings can be more common if the nest is threatened and because the top of the nest is left open, it’s more likely you’ll get stung if you are near it. Paper wasp nests are smaller than those of other wasps. It may be tempting to knock it down to remove it, but you will need to remember that you are putting yourself at risk by doing so.

Stinging Insect Control

Paper wasps are beneficial with their pollinating habits, but it’s not a good idea to allow them to nest around your home. Treating paper wasps can be tricky, especially if the nest is hard to find or get to. The best way to take care of paper wasps is to contact pest management specialists. We have the education, equipment, and skills needed for effective removal and will take care of your stinging insect problem in the best way possible. Contact Rentokil today!

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