Morning glory, also known as bindweed, is a rapid spreading weed that can take over quickly. Morning glory has slender stems that grow rapidly and twist around each other for support while choking any surrounding plants. Morning glory are annual vines that have heart-shaped leaves and will appear in flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, around shrubs and along fences They can have blooms of pink, rose, purple, lavender and white. The flowers are funnel-shaped and sometimes have a deeper or lighter throat. It gets its name, morning glory because the blooms have a habit of opening in the morning light and closing when the full heat and sun of the day arrives. Once the plant is shriveled, it has a couple of seeds that will help spread the morning glory when the bloom falls from the vine.

Morning Glory Weed Control in Lawns

If you want to control morning glory it will take time, determination and more than one control method. The most effective control will be done before the seeds have a chance to germinate. You can lay landscape fabric or plastic down on the ground before you plant. This will block light from reaching the soil. You can smother the plants with mulch or black plastic but this may need to be done for years. This can work by preventing the vines from flowering and setting seed and will prevent the seeds from sprouting the following spring. Make sure the edges overlap to keep the morning glory stems from growing between the pieces of plastic. This may not be effective though because you will likely create holes in the landscape fabric for your desired plants; the morning glory will find its way through too. Pull seedlings and vines as soon as they appear. This is time-consuming and can take years before you get rid of unwanted plants to keep emerging from the ground. To make this task easier, do it in the spring when the soil is damp.

Lawn Weed Control

Whether you call it morning glory or bindweed, it’s a weed that needs to be controlled. While it’s pretty and will attract hummingbirds, it can be a major pain and very difficult to control. Morning glory weeds are aggressive and invasive. They can quickly take over and strangle desirable plants in your yard. Controlling morning glory can take several seasons so do all you can to prevent it and call Rentokil for assistance. We have the right methods to get morning glory and other weeds under control and have you enjoying only the plants you want on your property!

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