Some people think that when the summer months end you are done with caring and treating your lawn. The interesting thing is that the fall months are actually a great time to care for your lawn. When you do you will have a better start to the next spring season. If you choose to leave the lawn untreated over the fall months you are going to be in a hole when the spring gets here. You will have to work much harder to get your lawn to a consistency that you want. Taking steps all year round is a great idea and the fall months are actually prime for treating your lawn. The fall weather cools off and it also brings more rainfall in most areas. Just like other items your grass is actually working on collecting necessary nutrients to get through the long and cold winter months. It is working hard and so should you.

Rentokil Lists Tips to Prepare Your Lawn for Cooler Fall Weather

Mow & Water Grass: When the springtime hits people get out there and start mowing their lawn. The blades seem to soak up the warm sunny days and grow fast. The lawn will need to be mowed about once a week to keep it looking its best. You want to be sure you don’t stop this work when the fall weather arrives. The grass blades are still growing and you want to continue to mow just like normal. You also want to adjust your watering schedule but keep it coming. The grass needs to be ready for the long winter and it will need all the moisture and nutrients it can get. At the end of the fall season, you want to adjust your mower’s blades down so that the grass is cut quite low. You can do this the last two or three times you mow the lawn in the fall. This will allow the sun to reach the area of the grass that is called the crown easier and there is also less grass when it starts to go dormant in the winter.
Raking Leaves on Lawn: Jumping in a giant pile of leaves is fun but who really wants to rake them all up? Raking the leaves in the fall seems endless since the trees are slowly dropping some each day. Some people choose to wait on raking the leaves until all of them have fallen off. The problem is that the pile of leaves are sure to collect moisture as well. This then leads to a giant wall of leaves that are not going to allow moisture down or the sun to get to the crown. That is why it is important to pick up the leaves as often as you can through the fall months.

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