Did you know “to earwig” is slang for “to eavesdrop”? Earwigs will hide during the day and live outside in large numbers. They can be found living under piles of compost or lawn clippings and will make their way inside through cracks. Earwigs are fast movers and are attracted to light so it’s common to find them on porches and patios in the summer. They can also be found clustered together under items that are left outside overnight. They eat leaves, fruits, flowers, insects and mold. Earwigs will move into buildings in search of food or when there are changes in the weather such as when temperatures get cooler as we head into fall. They like to live in areas that are cool and damp. Earwigs can be found in areas where there is water; like bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms but will make their way into other areas on your home too. Earwigs live all over the world, but do not spread disease. They can live up to a year after they hatch. If they are squished, they can emit a foul-smelling yellow liquid from their bodies. It’s reassuring to know that infestations are rare but bugs in your home are never fun.

How to Prevent Earwigs in Your Home

Getting rid of earwig habitats is important if you want to control them. The best way to prevent earwigs is to remove piles of leaves and compost from your property and seal any cracks they may use to get inside. Take care of moisture in your home as well. If you’ve dealt with the food source they are coming in for and they are still present, then it may be the environment in your home they like. Other than sealing your home, you can try using boric acid. It is a strong insecticide that is harmless to humans and pets. Earwigs will ingest the boron and it will be impossible for them to excrete. The boron interferes with the insect’s metabolism and they die. It can be sprinkled anywhere you have earwigs and around the perimeter of your home. Mixing water and dish soap together is a cheap and easy way to deal with earwigs. Detergents break down waxy oils that cover earwig exoskeletons. These oils hydrate the earwig and when the oils breakdown, the earwig dies. Essential oils can also be effective in controlling earwigs. The best ones to use are neem oil and cedar oil.

Occasional Invader Pest Control

It must be noted that DIY home remedies aren’t as timely or effective as professional pest control. If all your efforts at keeping earwigs out of your home have failed, or you want to address the problem quickly and directly; you need the help of professionals. Give Rentokil a call for all your pest control needs.

Earwig Infestation in Your Provo, UT House this Fall? How to Get Rid of Earwigs & Occasional Pests in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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