Roosting birds can be a big problem for businesses. More so for those that handle food, like food-processing factories, warehouses, and bakeries because they can make their way inside. If an infestation gets out of hand, there can be significant damage and contamination. Roosting birds cause tens of millions of dollars in property damage every year to buildings, machinery, vehicles, roofs, ventilation systems and much more. They can cause structural damage from nesting habits as well as spread diseases and present slip and fall accidents through their droppings. Professional pest controllers need to be contacted if you aren’t sure which birds are causing problems because many birds are protected by wildlife laws. Common roosting birds found in Utah include pigeons, starlings, house sparrows, and gulls.

What Problems Do Starlings, Pigeons & Other Roosting Birds Cause?

1. Bird Droppings. Areas that these birds congregate can have a buildup of unsightly droppings. These droppings can increase the risk of slips and falls for staff and customers. The droppings can also damage the surfaces of roofs, awnings and even cars that are parked nearby. When raw materials and finished goods are damaged, it can lead to financial loss.
2. Property Damage. Larger roosting birds can damage to tiles on buildings by dislodging them. Bird droppings can corrode surfaces that include metal, paintwork, stone, and many other materials. These birds can also cause damage to insulation when they get into buildings which will cost more money to repair.
3. Water Damage. The nests that roosting birds create can clog gutters and drain pipes. This can lead to flooding on the roof which can then lead to breeding sites for other insects and pests. Flooding can also lead to rotting wood, metal corrosion, internal leaks, and damaged plaster. Again, more money!
4. Diseases. Many diseases can be spread through bird droppings along with bacteria, parasites, and viruses. These can all contaminate food and surfaces with Salmonella, E. coli, and Histoplasma. When droppings and nesting material buildup, it can pose a host of physical problems that can get very serious if they aren’t taken care of right away
5. Insects & Parasites. Birds carry fleas, ticks, mites and lice that can all infest their nest and can then spread throughout the building.
6. Food Contamination. For businesses that store flour and grains, it can be very costly when roosting birds start hanging around. They can get in through ventilation points or areas where roofs are damaged. Packaged food can also be affected as birds will peck away at them to access the food inside.
7. Flammable Nesting Material. Nesting material can be very flammable because nests are made of straw, twigs and dried droppings. When nests are built near electric signs or machinery there is a risk of fire.
8. Aggressive Behavior. If roosting birds have young, they can become very aggressive and if birds continue to roost and nest undisturbed, their numbers can get very high.

Roosting Bird Control

If you want to keep damage costs from roosting birds low, you’ll need to get started on a solution as soon as possible. These birds can cost businesses a lot of money in cleaning and repair. Contact the professionals at Rentokil for help with roosting birds and other pest infestations in your business or home.

Diseases from Droppings, Property Damage & Other Problems Caused By Roosting Birds in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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