There is one kind of pest that many people don’t want to deal with or have around their home and that is a cockroach. There is more than one type of cockroach that is crawling around your home and each one is distinguishable and can cause health trouble and even spread bacteria. That is why most people want to do all that they can to keep these pests away from their home and family as well. You may not want to take the time to look at the cockroach that is running past you but if you happen to catch a glimpse of it you can identify it and tell your pest control professional what you are dealing with.

Rentokil Lists Common Cockroaches Found in Utah.

German Cockroach: This is an extremely cockroach that is found all over the state of Utah. They are usually light brown coloring with two black lines that run down their backs. They do have wings but tend to never fly if they can help it. They are much more agile and quicker when they run away rather than flying away. They are a larger cockroach and can reach more than a half an inch when they are fully grown. The males and females are very similar in the look but the males are lighter in color while the females can be a little wider.
American Cockroach: If you run into a big fat cockroach, you are most likely staring down an American cockroach! They are the biggest cockroach in the area since the adults reach about two inches in length. They are more of a burnt brown color and the females and males are very similar in their looks. The biggest difference is that the male’s lifespan is about 200 days and the females are double that at about 400 days! They also get along really well with the German cockroach so if you see one you most likely have the other.
Oriental Cockroach: If you see one of these cockroaches hanging around you will know it. They are very different than the other cockroaches that are crawling around because of their physical features. They are shiny black and have a set of wings that they can use to fly but usually won’t. They are more of an outdoor pest but have been known to come indoors in search of food. Watch out for these in your yard and garden, particularly near your trash cans too.
Brownbanded Cockroach: These are a species of cockroach that can be confused with others because of their coloring. They are about a half-inch in length and their color can range from brown, black, grey and even burnt orange. The interesting thing about this species is that both the males and females have wings but the males are the only ones that can actually fly. They like to be in places that are warmer so your home on a cold day is a great place to find them nesting and feeding.

Cockroach Control

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