Carpenter ants are common in the spring in Utah and Idaho - RentokilSpringtime beckons the return of many pest problems. In our region, ants are one of the most troublesome springtime pests! We all are accustomed to dealing with the occasional house ant problem, but carpenter ants are one pest problem you don’t want to deal with. True to their name, carpenter ants nest in wood and can cause a bit of damage by excavating cavities in wood around your property. Often confused for termites, carpenter ants are a dangerous ant species that need to be prevented. The experts at Rentokil are here to share all you need to know about carpenter ants in the spring.

Signs of Carpenter Ant Activity

Carpenter ants are mostly black in color but can also have red or brown hints. Swarmer carpenter ants have wings that enable them to fly. However, the easiest way to identify carpenter ants is to look for the signs of their activity. Here’s what to keep an eye out for:

  • Piles of sawdust: Like other wood-destroying insects, carpenter ants will excavate holes and remove the sawdust, which often accumulates in piles near where they live.
  • Wet, decaying wood: Recent leaks or water damage are attractive to carpenter ants, who prefer rotting or decaying wood.
  • Noises in your walls: If you hear rustling noises in your walls or yard, there could be carpenter ants nearby. Their noise is often described as sounding similar to crinkling cellophane.

How to Prevent Carpenter Ants in the Spring

Preventing carpenter ants entails many of the same prevention techniques you’d use to prevent any type of ant. This includes:

  1. Cleaning up spills and crumbs. Any tiny mess will entice hoards of ants inside or outside your home. Regularly sweep and clean your kitchen.
  2. Fix any leaks or water damage. Ants need water to survive. Carpenter ants prefer wood that has been weakened with water damage to the point of decay.
  3. Look for and seal entry points. Needless to say, ants are microscopic and can get indoors through the tiniest crevices. Seal up holes with caulk.

Get Rid of Carpenter Ants For Good

If you have noticed carpenter ant activity inside or outside your home, it’s important to contact your local ant control experts at Rentokil. Our ant exterminators know exactly how to get rid of these wood-destroying ants—and keep them away for good. Contact us today to get started!

Carpenter Ants in the Spring in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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