As the winter approaches, and temperatures dip to freezing levels, homeowners and commercial establishments can expect to encounter a number of winter pests looking to make your building their home to escape the cold and look for convenient food and water source. Though many pests become dormant through the winter months, there are still some that are active all year long. Today we at Rentokil would like to discuss the winter pests that are common to invading homes and businesses during this cold weather season.

Winter Pest Problem Prevention

The best way to minimize and prevent these pests from gaining entry is to ensure the exterior of your home is checked for any gaps, cracks, and holes; if any are discovered, properly seal them. Ensure trashcan lids are animal proof and stored in optimal locations. It is also important to maintain good sanitation; ensure your home is regularly vacuumed, crumbs are cleaned up and trash is taken out.

Do Rats Like Cold Weather?

Rats are among the winter pests that are commonly infesting homes. In Northern Utah, Black rats and Brown Rats are the most common. Once any rat species make it inside, the damage they inflict and the health risks they can cause are enough to make anyone apprehensive. Rats come in looking for food, water, and warmth. They will easily chew through plastic and lead pipes for water and contaminate food and surfaces, potentially spreading cowpox virus, rat-bite fever, and jaundice.

Do House Mice Die in the Winter?

Though there are a handful of species of mice in Northern Utah; the house mouse is the most likely intruder. Since they only need a hole a size of a dime, they can easily get inside in search of food, water, and nesting areas. Gnawing through electrical wiring and drywall, they cause quite a bit of destruction and they are known for spreading bacteria and diseases.

Do Raccoons Hibernate in the Winter?

Though raccoons are not native residents to Northern Utah areas, they are very adaptable, and there are a few that have come to call this area home. Raccoons tend to stay in wooded areas but when they come into homes, they are looking for food and warmth. They are known hosts of rabies and will destroy property. Typically, they will get inside by way of the chimney and design a den in your attic.

Will Roaches Leave a Cold House?

Throughout Northern Utah, German cockroaches are the most common and roaches, in general, are one of the pests most likely to invade homes this winter. They do not only come in through ways like the sewer or find a gap large enough to squeeze through, but they can also be brought in by boxed deliveries, grocery bags, and second-hand appliances. They are notorious for spreading pathogens and bacteria as well as induce asthma attacks and allergies.

What Do Spiders Do in the Wintertime?

Northern Utah has several spiders throughout the area, but hobo spiders top the list of likely suspects to come into your home in time for winter. They will hide in small cavities window moldings, and boxes as well as ceiling corners, and in seldom-used clothing and shoes. These spiders will also spin their webs in isolated areas like closets, attics, crawl spaces, and basements. Hobo spiders can and will bite if disturbed. While not known to be fatal, the necrosis from a bite can take months to heal.

Winter & Year-Round Pest Control

If you are experiencing difficulty with any of these pests call in the professionals of Rentokil for a custom pest control program for your residence or commercial property.

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