Some may find boxelder bugs to be rather pretty with the red edging on their black wings, but make no mistake, they will become a nuisance once they decide to invade your home! They won’t cause any damage but there aren’t a lot of people that enjoy large bugs coming out of cracks and crawling all over their walls, windows, lights, and furniture. How do you know you’re dealing with them in the first place?

Boxelder Bug Identification

Boxelder bugs are ½-inch long and are black with three red stripes. They have vertical edge lines on their bodies and red lines on the edges of their wings. When these bugs are resting, the wings will form an upside-down V. Why do they come into the house?

Pests Attracted to Boxelder Trees

These bugs are attracted to boxelder trees. If you happen to have these trees on or your property you are likely to have these pests coming into your home. They are also attracted to silver maple trees and the warm, sunny sides of your home. They will find their way inside through gaps and cracks in the siding around doors and windows, etc. This will happen when the weather starts to cool off. Do they hurt trees and plants? Boxelder bugs live and breed in trees. They will eat the leaves, flowers and seed pods but will not cause any damage. If you find them around your houseplants they are looking for moisture but damage to houseplants is rare.

Why Do Boxelder Bugs Come in My Home?

Boxelder bugs seek refuge in your home from the cold weather. They will stay in your home until the weather warms up again and it doesn’t need to be the warm weather from outside. It can be the heat in your home too. They will come out of the walls and invade your home. All it takes is a slight temperature difference to bring them into the house.

How to Prevent Boxelder Bugs

Physical removal is the best way to deal with boxelder bugs. It’s the most practical way to get rid of them. Use the long hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner to collect the bugs. You can also use a solution of soap and water and spray the bugs directly and sweep them up with a broom or vacuum cleaner. A solution of ½ cup dish soap to one gallon of water can also be used on the exterior of the home but will only have a residual effect and will need to be reapplied every time the bugs gather. Do not squash boxelder bugs because it can stain the surface where they are killed. Inspect your home to find anyways they are using to get inside. This is a great way to keep other pests out too. Use screens, repair ones that are damaged and seal all cracks, crevices, gaps, and openings into your home with caulk. The only way to permanently keep them away is to remove boxelder and silver maple trees near your home.

Boxelder Bug Prevention & Control

Professional pest control companies can treat the exterior of your home. The best time is spring and fall. This will deter boxelder bugs from landing on your property, to begin with. If you need help dealing with boxelder bugs, contact Rentokil to come up with a plan. Give us a call today!

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